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Mix a mousse


Trying to stay healthy!
hey wanna.., don't know anything about it yet only on wk 2, sure someone will be along soon to give you details.
dropped in to say fabulous news on your 1st weigh in!! well done!!
I love mix a mousse, have a choc mint one every night without fail.

Not sure really how to describe it, not really a mousse, more like a blamonge thing (I know thats not spelt right!!).

Its a bit like the shake flavours, some love it, some hate it (my mum and sister both detest it!).

Just off to make mine now as a matter of fact!

Give it a try, good luck x


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Can't wait!!!
I'm allowed to buy it next Friday, having just been to my CDC for the next 7 days supply of sachets.


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S: 12st13lb C: 9st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(24.86%)
I was told from 2 weeks and you mix it to one of your drinks, so as to turn it into a mousse. Like a gelatine i suppose. Powder, 15 servings in a pot.
HI i think its around an extra 10 kcals for 1 scoop, i love my shakes made into mousses it really helps me i put mine in the freezer for 15 mins so its nice and cool, much better

140 mls cold water
1 scoop of MAM plus a tiny bit more
blend in a hand blender for every so its smooth
freeze 15 mins
I had this already didn't realise it was after 2 weeks but never mind, I had the choc one and I'm not really a choc person but it was nice. It made a huge bowl but I did put slightly more water in. The texture was a bit jelly like..... I actually ate it over two sittings and would like to try it with a different flavour. Maybe Banana or strawberry. Mine didnt set till it went into the freezer for 10 minutes, but as said I probably put too much water in it!
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My experience with MAM is very mixed - I tend to add half a scoop extra and quite a bit more water - but sometimes it sets and other times it barely does - maybe I need to measure more carefully!! ;)
I'm looking forward to this, I quite fancy the idea of having it almost frozen like ice cream, banana, strawberry and choc ice cream!! Like neopolitan icecream!! Will try it with a banana one first to see if it hits the spot!
Carry on regardless lol
Lynne x

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