Step 1 Sole Source Mixed research on hand luggage and packs...... Experience needed?


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Hi All

I have been looking on this forum and reading up ont he Easyjet webpage but havnt really found a definitive answer. I am flying to Spain with Easyjet on June 2nd and am only taking hand luggage. Two reaons really my Dad who lives in Spain and picks us up hates waiting for the luggage to come through and I refuse to pay £32 per bag per person! The idea of visiting family is for a cheap holiday.

Anyway, I will or I hope to be taking Porridage, Shakes and Bars no Tetras. Thinking about taking Bouillion powder also.
My CDC said she had clients who were fine flying to Dubai but then she had two clients who had thier packs removed from them at security! What is everyone elses experience with this?

I flew to both Spain and Dubai with packs on LL back in 2009 and there were no problems at all.

What does everyone else do / think? x