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Mixing Diet plans?

hi - over the years I've done WW and SW - I've been calorie counting with MFP and lost 11lbs in 2 weeks.

I was wondering if anyone has 'mixed' diet plans?

I was wanting to follow SW for 3-4 days a week (basically when we are having risotto or pasta for tea so I don't need to weigh and calculate) but then calorie count on other days for when the "free foods" don't really fit?

Has anyone mixed the two?

So on a SW day I'd have eggs for breakfast, stir fry or rice for lunch and pasta / risotto / meat and potatoes for tea with snacks being from free foods (no syns)
Then on calorie counting days I could weigh and count calories so I'd be able to have non free foods but limit them with calorie counting?

I find SW hard to stick to 7 days a week as there are days when I really want tinned soup for example and not have so much veg? (I have Crohn's and short bowel so some days I can't tolerate the fibre and need to eat from a list of more unhealthy foods) - I have tried sticking to SW on these days but I can't eat the amount of veg they say and need to have white toast, crisps etc.

If anyone has combined the two I'd love to know?

Thanks a lot

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i have never combined them, but i don't see why it wouldn't work. slimming world is a calorie controlled diet in itself. it is just arranged so that you never have to count them yourself. you don't go into ketosis or anything which could be knocked out by eating different foods. as long as you are strict about sticking to what you want to stick to, and are consistent, i don't think it would be an issue... i'm interested to know actually :)

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