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mmmm pizza!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
No I dont think so hun


rainbows holiday buddy :)
ooooh! pizza + weight loss = Happy Karen :)

my consultant suggested making a free pizza base with Smash!!! eurgh! i nearly puked on her and when she offered to make one for me to try i said thanks but nooooooooo thanks. heheee bless her.

has anyone tried this? ...or a polenta or couscous base?
Smash is yuk in any form, as a Irish lass ya cant beat a good spud


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I know it is not the same as having a proper pizza but sometimes I make an omelet and when its done I put little passata on the top then some veg eg mushrooms, onion, sweetcorn and chillies. Then sprinkle with HexA cheese allowance stick it in the oven till cheese is browning then scoff and it is lovvvvvvvvvverly.:drool:


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MMmmmmm sounds lovely!


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I think there is a way of making a lower Syn pizza but personally I think that if you're going to have a pizza you might as well have the real thing! There is no substitute for a proper pizza


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I would deffo pass on the smash base yuk thats enought to put you off pizza for life. Have you thought about buying a WW pizza and adding some extra food to bulk it up..

Just a thought..

Ruthy xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
taz i'd need about 5 kids pizzas to fill me up! heheee

i don't like the weight watchers pizzas, so am going to eat free one day and make a pizza from scratch, within my sin allowance of course. can't bloody wait :)


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If I have the kids pizza I also make a load of Syn free chips to go with it. It is a poor substitute but sometimes you just have to have a pizza when there are not enough Syns left in the kitty for a real one!


Have a serene day!!
Hi Guys.,

You could always use a Wholemeal Roll as a base, use a bit of passata and mozarella and season it you could use the Roll from your B choice.

Well its a thought! anyway that I can enjoy a pizza without the guilt the better.


rainbows holiday buddy :)

firstly - let me just say i HATE smash! ...and i posted on here last week saying that my consultant said i could have free pizza!!! ... using SMASH as a base. well i love her to death now because she did it, i tried it out of politeness, expecting to gag when chewing and i eat me words - it was LOVELY!!! i swear to god you can't taste potato...not that SMASH tastes of potato anyway!!

it's free on a green day too - FREE PIZZA! this diet is going to be so much easier now that i can eat the forbidden!


  • 1 x bag of SMASH (apparently the cheaper the make the better, so will try it with smartprice instant mash soon)
  • tomato puree
  • any cheese(s) from health extras
  • oregano and basil
  • any toppings such as onion, mushroom, sweetcorn, even quorn fajita strips!
  1. pre-heat the oven and put a pizza tray in to warm up.
  2. put SMASH into a bowl and slowly add water - make it as thick as possible...could always add some herbs to the base or some garlic.
  3. take pizza tray out of oven and spray with fry-light.
  4. using your hands spread SMASH out onto the pizza tray, but don't press down too hard.
  5. put in the oven for 7-10 minutes
  6. take out of oven, turn SMASH base over and put back in over for a further 7-10 minutes to crisp the other side.
  7. remove from oven and leave to cool slightly.
  8. bung all other ingrediants on and leave in the oven until cheese has melted.
  9. eat the whole bloody thing to yourself! :eatdrink012:
Thanks Karen, i think I might try this tonight and see what its like. It better be nice or your in for it girl!:whip:


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i hope you like it - when i walked into class the smell was overwhelming as she'd put loads of oregano on it...mmm

it's not the best pizza in the world ever or anything like that, but it's probably the best free pizza ever on a green day!


rainbows holiday buddy :)

if you are going to try the recipe make the base as thin as possible and use loads of herbs. trial and error!!!

i had one on sunday but my base was too thick and it was horrible, but only because of the thickness. it needs to be thin and crispy.
Karen whats your address so I can post you the rest of my pizza :p oh and half my mums tooth that she broke lol.
I made my base tooooooo thick and it didnt turn out great. But I still ate it lol


rainbows holiday buddy :)
hahahhaaaaaaaa - sorry vicky! i still ate mine too! sad aren't we? i was grimacing through the entire thing. my mum and dad liked it though, but i need it thinner and crispier!

...but i am determined to get it right!


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I had a pizza last week (a real one!) and afterwards I felt really crap. It wasn't worth the sluggish feeling in my gut which in turn made me feel like doing nothing and the feeling of what it does for the diet! I think I could honestly say now that I could never have a pizza again and not miss it! I never thought I'd hear myself say that

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