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  1. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    Whats everyone doing today?:)
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  3. dizzy40

    dizzy40 Full Member

    Grrrr going to work in a bit - doing 11-7. Just had three days off and hate Mondays.

    Hope you are ok after yesterdays news - hopefully you will be able to get some more info off your mum.

    Thinking of you, Dx
  4. Rae

    Rae Full Member

    Finding my way to some silly exam centre miles from my uni.

    Best findin out now how long it takes than on the day of my exam.


    Silly obligations revision.

    I so cant be arsed with my degree.


  5. ladyvegas

    ladyvegas Silver Member

    Still recovering as I was vomiting from Friday morning and only feeling better today. So I am hoping to start back tomorrow. And AF arrived too which does not help the cause. Had to go back to the doctors to get tablets to stop me being sick.
  6. sharon kim

    sharon kim Silver Member

    i took my dog to the vets he had an operation on his knee on thursday and is still not right in himself he wont eat his own food so having to hand feed him scrambled eggs chicken and ham , i made him chicken soup from scratch yesterday kids said we never get home made soup when were ill lol god hes spoilt
  7. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    the dogs the most important member of the family my cat is :D
  8. sharon kim

    sharon kim Silver Member

    lol hes just so pathetic just lays there with his sad eyes every so often he crys so you will give him some thing not daft that dog lol im dreading him having the other knee done
  9. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    awww dogs are like men all they need is a bit of attention, food and they're belly rubbed!

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