Most Haunted Live - Halloween Special


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Some of you must have watched last night's show. What do you make of it?! I have always been a great sceptic and watched the programme for a bit of a laugh really, but what happened last night has made me wonder.

Do you think it's staged - in other words were those cuts/scratches inflicted by the crew themselves?? If not what the heck was going on? Are there really poltergeists/spirits?

Please tell me what you think, I have nobody else to discuss it with as my OH and other family are either too scared to watch or just poo poo the whole subject.

I have to admit that for the first time last night I was nervous about going to bed and turning out the lights. And there's another show tonight - dare I watch?!!

Opinions, please!!
i beleive in spirits, i see them and no not the ones out of a bottle lol, but i dont watch that programme cos i think derek acorah is a fake, he may have been brilliant at one time but i dont think he has a gift now, i think he got greedy and the diamond earrings and armani suits he wears show his greed and i stood next to him within inches at one of his shows and never felt a thing and whenever i have been close to a person wth psychic ability you feel a warmth even a vibration sometimes he felt stone cold, of course this is just my opinion lol, for what its worth
Is it still that derek that does it? I could never stand him thats why i didnt watch it.

I think not so long ago he admitted it was all exaggirated for the camers anyway.

Im a sceptic but i do belive there is something i went to a physcic last year and the things she said to me still make me shudder, things she could not possible have known anything about!!
Derek Acorah isn't in it any more, don't know why.

Do you think spirits can actually hurt people? ie. inflict injuries on them as we were led to believe happened last night - blood was drawn on three separate occasions. This is what I am having trouble getting my head around, as if it is true (and not 'staged') then it seems to be tangible evidence of something 'out there', which is quite a thought for a sceptic like me!
i dont know if they can hurt people, i havnt been active in that sort of area, even though i believe in the existance of spirits im still somewhat of a sceptic as regards some things you hear of happening,