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Evening all :) well I just made a vanilla mousse for the first time and I have to say I wish I had tried making mousse before it's absolutely lovely and makes me feel like I am being naughty when I'm not, anyone else like to make mousse with their shakes?
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Hi Bevy
I bought the mousse stuff on Monday and had toffee and walnut monday night and then mint choc mousse last night.. You're right, it makes you feel naughty and you actually get a half decent bowlful! YUM
Hi Bevy

Good idea I bought the mix a mousse a while ago but haven't done it - what works best for making it up??




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Hiya :) I mixed a vanilla shake with 150mls water and one scoop of mix a mousse and it was yummy!!!! I am going to try a butterscotch one tomorrow night :D

I think you can have it from day 1 but don't quote me on that I am sure someone who knows better will be able to tell you.

Thanks for that - I'll give it a go - maybe tonite still got one to have

Hi everyone, i mix my mousse with 200mls it still sets just as thick i find the mousse helps when i am finding it hard to stick to the ss this is my 8th week on ss. good luck to you all :)
They are a little bit more concentrated so a bit sweeter I think anyway but it's sooooooooooo worth it!!
Hey all

I've just bought some mix a mousse...was wondering if it's a "Filling" as a soup or shake??

Also, how long does it take to set?

Thanks guys
I'm not sure it's as filling but you can deceive yourself that it is because it's such a big bowlful!
It takes a good 10 minutes to set right... and my advice would be to put your water in the fridge first thing so when you have your mousse it's REALLY cold, works better like that.

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