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Move group with Countdown??


Devon Dolce

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Hmmmm not sure. With the new electronic system I guess this would be much easier as your card will say you're on the countdown x


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Yes - with or without being on express weigh - though it makes it easier if both groups are. It may be a little difficult though to go from an express weigh group to a non-express weigh - but non-express weigh groups are becomming fewer and fewer now.

Assuming both groups are express weigh - nothing stopping you.

If your current group is not express weigh - and you don't have your countdown vouchers yourself - then you'll need to request these from the consultant you are moving from.

If you are at an express weigh group and going to a non express weigh group - the two consultants probably need to talk to each other.


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What is a countdown course? Is it just cheaper or do you have to have a target? Is there somewhere I can read all the terms and conditions? Things like holidays etc were never explained to me? Also what difference is it as I ticked the 'shift work' box?


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If you are a shiftworker - then countdowns are not for you.

Countdowns are there as a commitment to go to group every week - minus any holiday weeks you may have. You pay for 5 and get 6 weeks, or pay for 10 and get 12 weeks - so a small saving there. The idea is that it's an incentive to ensure you go each of those 6/12 weeks and hopefully then an incentive to stick on plan. And it does work - i've done countdowns for all of my 18months - except the last 3 weigh-ins due to being near to target.

Holidays - you're allowed 6 explained absences (holidays/sick) a year where you don't pay - otherwise a missed week should be paid for as back fees (though if you miss more then 2 in succession - it is cheaper to rejoin - but you do loose all your weight loss history).

Being a shift worker means you can't make every group due to shifts and as such shouldn't have this taken from yoru holiday entitlement - hence why countdowns aren't designed for shiftworkers.

Hope that helped.



Just keep slimming....
Thanks ian!! I'm on mat leave at the moment so might try one of these countdowns!! After my holiday next week though!!
:thankyou:Thanks everyone for your replies.
Yes, I am on the electronic system (Im sorry but I fail to see whats 'express' about it lol...it takes much longer IMO!!)
Anyway, have told my SW consultant and she has said thats no prob, the group i am moving to is electronic too. So, Im pleased about that coz it means I can move now rather than in 7 weeks time.
I agree, countdowns are the way to go and have done them always....save almost a tenner each time now so cant be sniffed at.
Well done evryone on your fantastic weight losses...keep up the good work....here's to SW! :happy096:

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