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Great to see you back! Good luck on staying on track and don't feel too bad as you are feeding 2 now :) A stone on in 30 weeks is nothing, so don't worry!
Hey :)

Only a stone in 30 weeks is good going. I put on heaps of weight when I was pregnant with my son, far too much in fact lol.

I think I need to keep uptodate on my food diary, haven't been doing it for weeks, as I am struggling with foods to eat, feel so hungry, still getting the odd food aversions and all I want to eat is bread (and lots of it).


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Hey Honey! How've you been? 30 Weeks already, my how time flies!


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Awwww thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone!!

Meli: Thanks so much for the encouragement, I checked the pregnancy calculator and I am on track weight gain wise but I was just felt so massive and heavy if that makes sense. Now that I'm eating well I feel a million times better, even though I haven't lost anything. I think giving my digestive system a break from all the stodge is a good thing lol.

Allie: I'm having a girl!!! A VERY active one at that, she was literally doing backflips during my 12 week scan! She's bigger and stronger now so her kicks are sometimes painful, especially under my ribs ouch! She's doing great though, the doctor said she's perfectly formed :D :D :D It's great to be back on the board on in the swing of things. You look AMAZING btw, like a model! Well done and keep up the good work, you're my official inspiration for weight loss after baby's born!

Britmum: Did I tell you I was havign a girl?! I meant to lol. So excited, a mini me!!!! If you're craving bread all the time, how about trying some couscous cake? I know it's not the same but somehow it reminds me of muffins, which remind me of bread lol. The only thing I'd be a bit worried about is the sweetener in it but you could make savoury versions with a bit of cottage cheese, salt, pepper, bacon etc? If you make them in muffin tins and fill your fridge you'd always have something SW friendly to snack on instead of bread.

Happy Holidays: I feel great! Lots of energy and my skin looks amazing! No stretch marks yet (fingers crossed). I've been using an amazing glycerine lotion and then slathering with extra virgin olive oil everyday and my skin looks and feels like velvet! LOL! I'm on leave now, the last month at work was a bit of a struggle because I'm in retail management and christmas is the busiest time of the year so I was basically working 12 hour days, hiring and training new staff, health & safety procedures, dealing with the HOARDS of customers etc etc... I was literally running helter skelter round the shop. Last year I lost a stone over Christmas for the same reason so it was really starting to wear me out, my back especially was killing me. Started maternity leave on Wednesday and now I just go shopping, get treatments, massages, have a tea and banana in cafes, it's wonderful!

Christiana: Sistah how you dey?! So glad to see you're still active on the boards, gosh you've lost a ton of weight!! Well done!! I thought about you in my first trimester cuz all I wanted to eat was Nig food! I'm not sure if it was a legitimate craving or if I was just homesick lol. I shoulda gotten tips from you on low fat Nig cooking, I doused everything in palm oil and had gari with TONS of sugar for breakfast almost everyday (???). Anyway back on track now, thank goodness!
Nice to see you back-I wondered what happened to you! You sound as if it's all going so well and really you haven't put on much weight at all. A stone and a half overall is usually the recommended amount I thought.x
Hey Honeyoc,

that's fab about a little girl :), I am also expecting a girl, although will be getting them to double check at my next scan, as I was so shocked lol, I was convinced I was having another boy.

I had a green day yesterday so I could have the extra bread lol. I have completely gone off couscous, just the thought of it makes me ill, so weird, so not sure the cous cous bread type thing will go down well at the moment. These food aversions are so weird, I never really had any with my son. I was just physcially sick in the first trimester and then ate everything haha.

This little one is also very active already, especially in the evening. I can feel her kicking me quite high up too which I was surprised about.

You must be very excited, you are on the last bit now, once christmas is gone, not long at all for you. eeeeek!!! A mini honeyoc lol


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LOL!! I know! So exciting :D
I can understand your food aversions, mine was so bad that even being on minimins made me sick! That's why I was never on the boards. Can you believe that lol, minimins made me feel sick! I think it was all the food talk lol. There was a point that all I ate was pineapples and water!

Hey if you really want bread, you've got HEs and syns to accomodate! Take care of you and baby!


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Sarahelizabeth thanks for your message! If I can keep my weight gain to a stone and a half or less when I have the baby I'll be realy happy. I mean a stone and a half is easy enough to manage! Here's to hoping lol!


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Awww, thanks Honey! I dey fine! Ooooooohhh gari with sugar - yummmmmmmmm, I want some :D! Congrats, a baby girl :hug99: That stone will be off before you know it!

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Hello, you are doing absolutely fantastic. A stone is really great (I put on 1.5 but lost 9lb 1oz when Eryn was born)

So exciting having a little girl they're great, you can buy so many lovely little girl clothes etc All the best for the rest of your pregnancy it'll fly by


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