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Mug shot cup soup

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by denise42, 25 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    I have bought some mug shot cup soup farmhouse style and wondered if they are free or syns. I know other mug shot varieties are syn free. Can anyone advise thanks x
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  3. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Mug shot soups are all 2.5 syns each. You'll find lots of threads about standard mugshots over in the syn values sub-forum :)
  4. green eyed monster

    green eyed monster Silver Member

    they are like drinking someone elses warm vomit. avoid....
  5. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    thanks for the warning Kay, will avoid they don't look like they are worth 2.5 syns either.
  6. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Silver Member

    These are horrible, there's nothing to them either
  7. bumblebee1990

    bumblebee1990 Full Member

    I like their noodles, didn't know they do soups!
  8. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Silver Member

    Same here, love the super noodles but the soups are a waste of money, tasteless and there's very little veg or pasta, more like coloured water lol
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