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Red Days Mug Shots - is there a limit?


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I don't think there's a "limit" but they are around 250kcals a go so I wouldn't go too overboard on them if you want to see a loss at the end of the week. I have one about 3-4 times a week for lunch and have good losses but wouldn't have more than one a day personally.


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I would agree with TheMissus - though a free food - don't go overboard on them. As a small lunchtime snack - fine or as an alternative to giving into temptation for something else.

The way my consultant would put it - though a free food - things like mugshots, muller lights, etc are artificially free - i.e. they've been prepared for us and the boffins at Slimming World have declared that they're free - against things that are naturally free - fruit, veg, meat and fish. With (most) fruit and veg falling into the superfree catagory. and to pick natural over artificial whenever possible.
I never have one than one a day and its normally as part of a meal, for example I will have them with a sandwhich to make it more feeling x
The whole point is to stop eating when you no longer feel hungry. It is very easy to put on weight eating free foods if you binge on the them.

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