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Mushroom & Wine flavour Pasta'n'Sauce


Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree, all the good flavours seem to have disappeared in favour of ones with wholemeal pasta????
I used to love the Bolognase one and I cant find that anywhere!
I found the Bolognaise one a couple of months ago in Home & Bargains, but it's always pot luck what they have in there.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I saw the mushroom and wine one in Mace it was on special offer, must go back and get one to try with Quorn sausage
Not heard of Mace. If anyone else spots any in a shop, please report back, then I can go and buy a large shipping quantity of them!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i think there stopping doing them which is a shame as there my faves them and the bolgnese ones are ace.


Silver Member
I've been looking for the Mushroom and wine one too. The others taste awful, even the cheese and broccoli one which is passable, is still no where near as nice as the mushroom and wine one.
since they've changed the packaging I cant find that one either, but I found it the other day in Instore ( of all places!!!!) and nearly died.
They have them in my local PoundStrecher. I am going to buy all of them they have in stock when I go tomorrow if they are going to stop making them, as Mushroom and Wine is my total fave. I always, always have that one. How sucky :(

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