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My Dodgy Hip Update!


Do a little dance!
Well...all I can say, is this is bloody typical for me!

Had my ultrasound yesterday and my follow up consultation, and found out that before I had it the radiologist said to the doctor that 99 out of 100 are completely clear and he bet him mine would be to.

Guess he owes the doc money!

Not only did it show up a tendon snapping over my hip - it shows that the way mine does, and the actual tendon that does it means it HAS NEVER BEEN DOCUMENTED BEFORE!

After the ultrasound the radiologist was quite excited, as he'd (obviously as I realise now) seen it before.

Today the doc apologised but basically says that he doesn't know anything about it - and only one doc in the country POSSIBLY does. So there we do - I'm getting refered to the Royal Orthapedic Hospital to an orthapedic surgeon and we'll see where it goes from there!

I am SO happy I went private. I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Unfortunately as its so unheard of there is more than likely no treatment for it - but we'll see.

Plus - I know my NHS doc would not have spotted this.

So there we go. Maybe you'll see me in a medical journal in a few months!
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well there you go....you are totally unique and special!

seriously tho i hope they do manage to sort you out
good luck
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Well that's an interesting way to become famous! They will be talking Latin over your head next. Don't let 'em!! Make them speak English!!

I'm glad you had some sort of an answer to your problem now and they can, hopefully, start moving toward a solution. And I hope the private is free if you're a medical phenomenon!!!!!!


Do a little dance!
It is free...thankfully...have medical cover from work..so no nasty bills!
really pleased they've found something (it's always so satisfying to know you've not been complaining about nothing!)
I hope they can get you sorted on the NHS now too. If you've been complaining about it for a while you should apply for compensation that they haven't spotted it earlier. My friend did this with her hip problem and got quite a bit of money out of it.
I know it's not about money and you'd rather just be pain free, but it'd be an added bonus to you being a medical phenomenon!!
Good luck with your treatment, I hope it doesn't take too long xx
Good luck witH it Em. Why is it they always start off thinking we make things up?


Do a little dance!

So...less than 24 hours afer my last appointment - I have a phonecall from the new doctor asking me if I can make NEXT TUESDAY!

Well...that was quick!


Making it all add up
The wonder of private medical insurance!!

Hope you get it sorted soom Em
Em - hope it's all sorted out soon. Ask where they intend to publish your case record.... you could become a minor celebrity :D


Do a little dance!
Ooookay, here we go...

So, went today, and (thankfully) the tendon IS the one they had origonally thought it was - which means its treatable.

Had an injection in the hip today, but so far its just hurting more!!

So, hopefully this will help the inflammation and then I cna receive the right physio. Have an appointment in 6 weeks to possibly do the other side - OR to discuss surgery if this hasn't worked. So fingers crossed - but definately going the right way! Whoop whoop!

But, lord I'm in so much pain at the moment!
hey Em. Glad things are progressing well. I used to have to have injections in my spine. made things very sore to start with but then it would settle down pretty quickly and ease the pain so much more.
Hope things continue to go ok for you and you're all sorted soon! xx

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