My First day, 10 Hours in and STARVING!


Finally...Life begins
Got up at 6am, have had 53 zillion glasses of water, i feel like I have an ocean inside me.

Had Banana Bliss Drink for brekkie, and the chocolate velvety one for lunch.

AM HANK MARVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUbby is cooking sausage mash and gravy and my mouth is watering soooo much!

Early night for me I think! Although have a stinking headache, my stomach hasn't really rumbled all day! How Strange!

Wish I could sleep for 4-5 days and be over the worst part!
Hi Angela,

If the headache is getting too much take your usual painkiller for it and this will break the cycle.

Getting an early night will will feel good in a couple of days when ketosis kicks in.

Your doing great...drinking water helps to relieve the uncomfortable feeling. My tummy rumbled at me for three weeks, it made very strange noises.:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
Your attitude seems positive though, which will help you through.

I'm on day 5 after a week off, and I was really struggling up until last night. It doesn't make you feel better knowing everone has the same problems, I know, but it helps me to know that certain feelings/symptoms aren't going to last forever.

Savour the aroma of the sausages. People think I'm loopy becasue I will go into the cupboards/fridge, open a packet or jar and just take a long sniff of the contents. That does me for a bit!
An early night, a long bath, doing your nails, reading a good book or magazine .. do anything to take your mind off the 'F Word' for the first few days.

Once ketosis kicks in you won't be experiencing those hunger pangs or cravings nearly as much and once the first week is over and you see how much you've lost, nothing will stop you!

Get those painkillers down you and get some sleep - tomorrow is another day closer to Slimsville :D
Hiya Angela

Just get some early nights this week and that duvet of protection is coming, a few more days and the hunger will go and yer clothes will start to feel baggy! Then the diet becomes really good fun.

Just be tough for a few more days/hours

Angela - cling on!! I didn't think i could do it and it is day 6 for me today.

Keep drinking the water, take it hour by hour and you'll be over the worst of it in no time.

Shazzie xx
Yes a lot better thank you all!

I had my vegetable soup which was lovely! so happy with that, headache gone, and another 2 points downed too! (or water of course) Still craving the usual stuff I ate just for the hell of it, but writing here and on my blog helps loads!

Probably still have an early night!
Good idea, hun - you can't crave while you're asleep (or if you do, it doesn't count lol)
You've done brilliantly - well done, hun! Day one nearly over!!!
Just wanted to shout
1st day nearly over and done with and I didn't go to bed really early.
In fact I am not even hungry!

Thanks everyone for your replies again today, you are all fab, I have been reading your homepages every time I feel a craving coming on! They are so inspirational, and I can't wait to post my before and after pics on here.
Who knows one day I may even have the courage to meet you all in person!

Thanks again and nite nite everyone!
(wonder what ill dream about tonight!...)
ange, you are ok hun, you can do this, trust me. Keep posting, thats all I did for the first 3 days!!!!
The worst is nearly over
I know it seems like everyone is saying it, but you'll be fine very soon, good luck, and shout if you need help, everyone is with you
1st day nearly over and done with and I didn't go to bed really early.
In fact I am not even hungry!

Isn't it a fab feeling:cool: Well done you!

Be prepared that it could get harder for a while, but just hold on and you won't believe eyes when you get weighed :)
So glad you're feeling better, Angela - and it would be great to meet you too! Whereabouts do you live, by the way? There are a bunch of us getting together in London at the end September so if you're not too far away, how about giving that some thought? It's great to meet other people who have been/are going through the same things you are, exchange ideas and experiences and just make some new friends too :D

Der! Just noticed you're in Hampshire .. that'll teach me to use fingers first and brain second *lol*
Well done Angela.

For so many people the first 3 days are the worst and you just got the first one out the way matey.

It appears so alien at the moment, but within a few days, you will get your rhythm and way you go girl.

Best Wishes
I agree with everyone else, one of the biggest challenges of cracking this crazy diet is to get through the first few days.

If you do that and then you will actually get loads of good days to start drawing on which helps you deal with the occasional bad day because you will know by experience that on a bad day all you have to do is get through the day because the next one will be one where you can cruise ;)
ANge, Hows your day so far, Hope you doin ok, Im on day 13 and lost 12lb officially now by cdc scales too!!!!!!!!!

Not going to weigh myself till sunday now, just so I can see hopefully a good loss.

Have a great day, keep posting and keep drinking that water!
Hi Vicky,

Am doing suprisingly well, Just eating my Chocolate velvet drink, slightly frozen with the tiniest spoon to make it last longer!

My cravings are all in my mind, I still haven't felt hungry today! Don't know why, as compared to what I ate before, my body must think my heads been cut off!
Maybe the worst is yet to come?!

Hope you are doing ok, you have done brilliantly so far, and if someone told me I could loose a pound day for the first few weeks i would have probably ripped my arm off in payment!!

Have a lovely day. Off to do the weekly shopping online for hubby and daughter and dogs!

Even if the worst is still to come you can do it, my worst passed pretty quickly tbh, I think a lot of it is to do with the frame of mind you are in, if you have sheer determination that you are going to do this then you will, trust me, i did it!!!!!
I have the utmost faith in you, and I hope you have faith in yourself. I know what you say about ripping your arm off tho, I would have too.
half way through day 14 and I'm fine, I picked up some bars last night, first time that I have chewed, that is one big thing to aim for, I ate them with a knife and fork, think my hubby thought I'd gone mad!!! Lovely!!!
At least we are not going through this alone, and we can post anytime we want, that makes it better for me!
Off out for a trip to my friends house now, back later to see how everyones doing.