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My food plan - help please

Hi guys....

This is a couple of typical days for me.....

Can you please have a look, I didnt realise my calorie intake was quite so low which bothers me a little....

Any suggestions please?


Julie x

Frosted Whear 200cal 2fat
Skimmed Milk 50cal 1fat
Bean Salad 100cal 2fat
Ham 100cal 2.2fat
Strawberries 30cal 0fat
Chicken 162cal 4.5fat
Broccolli 33cal 0.2fat
Carrots 30cal 0.2fat
Gravy 100cal 3fat
Total yoghurt 100cal 0 fat
Wine 180cal 0fat
Ribena 69cal 0fat
totals 1145 cal 17.1g fat

Sultana Bran 200cal 1fat
Skimmed Milk 50cal 1fat
Honey 20cal 0fat
Grapes 17cal 0.1fat
Mozarella light 90cal 5fat
Tomatoes 28cal 0.4fat
Sun dried toms (dry) 10cal 1fat
Salmon 200cal 13fat
Asparagus 40cal 0.3fat
Pear 68cal 0.02fat
Muller light 100cal 0
total 823cal 21.73g fat
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Hmmm agree you could up your calories abit. Trying to think...do you like homemeade veg soup? ( 4-5 carrots, med-large leek, 1 sweede, couple of stock cubes, some lentils too if you fancy, boil then blitz and keep in the fridge) Maybe a mug at lunchtime and maybe early evening supper?
I love veg soup Ali, trouble is I'm stuffed!!

I'm avoiding carbs - know its my weak point...

I will make some up this evening though and give it a go, feeling quite bloated since the weekend, have upped my water intake to about 2.5 ltrs day.

Thanks for your support, never thought i'd be asking what else I can eat :D

Thats a great tip Ali i never thought of that thankyou... i do love meat though =[ i miss it lol... i only eat chicken/tuna or low fat ham now LOL... ahh ill stop complainin lol. x

your eating habits do sound reallly good hun and congrat on the 1lb loss again its better then gaining that 1lb xx
Hi Julie, well impressed with your food diary there. I'm doing OK but after taking my dinner at 6pm I really struggle later on at night as I'm a bit of a night owl.
Want some soup? just made a load and not got a pot large enough haha!!.

believe it or not I like my diary, its not hard to follow, first morning on Sultana bran and was expecting to gag but it was lovely.

I do go to bed about 9ish so i suppose i dont have that problem..

Gonna have a bath now before my first week weigh in, if I shave my legs that might help !!!


Billy goat,
duno if this helps as youv had some good advice from ali and the clan already! But i went to see a pharmacist the day before ALLI came out on the market and she showed me the guide they sell with the tablet. In there it states to eat atleat 1300 calories and between 30-40g a fat for the tablet to work and to stop ur body going in to starvation mode.

Ive been using foodfocus.com its not the BEST site but helps me keep track on calorie and fat intake... Ive not done very well with WW or tabs since ive been on them but int he last 2 weeks that ive ate all my points on WW and kept my cal and fat intake up ive lost 2lbs. Also ive bought a 1.5L bottle of water to work to make my way through!

*cleaning up my act!*

s x
hey hey :p... yep you must make sure your bodys not starving or it will hold that fat and not release... , im happy to see so many more xenical users posting =] yey!!...
Ok, I have swapped the tomatoes for veg soup (big bowl) but I still ate 5gm light mozzarella cos of the protein and I had small ham and rocket sandwhich when I got home, I honestly had no idea that my calories were do low.

I couldnt fit anything else in - im stuffed after my meals and only eat the fruit etc cos its in front of me.

Still struggling to go to the loo, TMI BUT its nowhere near as big as it should be... anyone else experience this?

Going street dancing tonight, that is tough!!

OMGGG street dancing so so so much fun =] you will love it , its hard but you soon pick it up and its fun so you will forget the workout aspect of it..

its weird isnt it calories and fat i was always rubbish at maths but now i count like my life depends on it haha x
Still struggling to go to the loo, TMI BUT its nowhere near as big as it should be... anyone else experience this?

Are you drinking enough? It doesn't have to be just water either. Tea, coffee, sugar free drinks all count towards your daily fluid intake.
Also - need to make sure ur eating enough fiber! again one of my earlier downfalls!! Need to either eat more fiberish food OR try fiber drink or figs or dried peaches as they are a goof source of fiber and not too high in cals and fat. i try to eat 2 in the morning before i set out for work.

Maybe find a nice drink that you like (e.g. volvic touch of fruit) and drink the whole bottle throught the day! i filled mine up with water a touch of ribena for taste. half way through my 1.5L and its not even 12 noon yet!! mind u iv been for wee wee 3 times!! hehe
Yep, about 2ltrs and a couple of teas...

Having sultana bran for brekkie and there are 4 portions of veg in my lunch alone plus fruit snacks and more veg with my tea, i'm sure thats enough fibre isnt it?

Ali, I cant think of anything else to eat.... its 12.15 now and I have had sultana bran, 1 pear, 1/2 ball Mozarella with sun dried tomatoes and I am stuffed.... my veg soup is in the Microwave but I dont think I have room for it.

I swear I am a pig, even though I sound anorexic! I dont know where my appetite has gone!

Surely it's not worth eating something calorie laden to bump my figures up or does it not matter what I eat to get there?

Thanks! .... again

Juliexxx :D
Hmmm, tiz a puzzler :confused: I totally get what you're saying about not bumping up your calories just to make you pooh ( sorry lol)
The only thing I an think of is if your really concerned about it, talk to your GP or your practice nurse.
My mum has a theory that when we increase our fibre, and our body hasn't been used to it, then after a while our body kinda goes * hang on what the heck is this stuff and what am I supposed to do with it??* She thinks that changing our eating habits is as much about our bowel learning new habits, as our taste buds learning new tastes, ( if you see what I mean? lol)

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