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My job is torturing me!


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Imagen this. your on a vlcd diet, and you walk into work, the first things you see are TGI friday, Franky & Bennys, KFC, pizza hut, Mc Donnalds, Chillango's, Hand made burgur co, la tasca, subway and Millets cookies. after walking past all these and inhaling there delicious aromas, i get to my place of work Vue Cinema, where i am surrounded by warm popcorn, hot dogs, Nacho's with hot cheese, Ben & jerry's Ice cream, carbonated drinks pic n mix sweets and bags of sweets and chocolates.:argh:
today i had to make up 50 or so trays of nacho chips several bowls of hot cheese and serve countless tubs of hot sweet and salted popcorn.:gen147: the other day i was cleaning screens and one of the perks was finding un-opened bags of sweetys and tucking into them accordingly. :gimi:
but one thing i have found despite being surrounded by all this... i have manage to keep myself from straying by looking forward to my next meal my bow of soup or my tetra pack i know that sounds daft but just focusing on the excitment of being able to have thoes and the result that i am aiming to achieve, these goals keeps me strong and ofcourse the compassion and support from all of you guys on here.. thankyou :flirt2: :king::grouphugg:
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Blimey!!! You deserve a medal!!!

I think all that would tip me over the edge!!

You should be very proud of yourself xxxx
it must be really hard for you well done hun.
i work in a bookies and when i first started it really used to get to me how much people would waste. i quickly learnt not to see money as money just something i work with and it helps maybe you could do a simlar thing
omg! I really feel for you! Keep it up! xx :D

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
There is temptation there for all of us are doing CD. My advice as you are doing so well stay focussed on the weight losses and that feeling on the scales when you have lost. I fortunately live on my own so there is no-one else in the house eating. But in work I have to make (fat toast) for women who have just delivered a baby and by that I mean thick white bread dripping in butter. The smell is divine (drool)!


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thanx you all like i said couldnt do it without your support.. and yes i work in meadowhall :D come say hello if u pop in, my names Rich :)
was so impressed with myself the other night.. i was on my break at work sitting watching the tv with my bottle of water and banana tetra pack, my collegue came into the staff room with a big tray from pizza hut, he said " my mates work there and as its the end of the night they gave me extra food" this included 3 pizzas 2 boxes of chicken strips and 4 bags of chips. he asked me if i wanted any i refused and just sat there slowly sipping on my tetra while he ate. but you know something. yes it did bother me a little the smell was over powering, but like i said b4 focus on your goal and put every thing else out of ya mind, that and i have some of that orange sunshine water flavouring.. i am addicted to that stuff, it tastes like lemonade; so sat there and drank that and i was fine :D


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Where there is a will there is a wa'h hey!


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Well done. It might help to imagine the food all covered in human hair and cigarette ash. I think that's from Paul McKenna's book. It drives me nuts when my hubby tucks into tea and biscuits at 9 o'clock. Whilst he is supportive he thinks I should healthy eat and exercise as he is a mad cyclist!
When your minds in the right place you can be unmoved, enjoy the smells. Well done so far with your loss keep with it now it'll be worth it.

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