My journey to get back on a horse!

Hi All

I joined a few days ago and have spent time looking around and reading (with occasional post) lots of other people's journeys.
It has been soooooooo inspirational and wish I had known about you all last year.

Having lost a good amount of weight from July to November following the Lighter Life programme and then due to financial difficulties needing to stop I have already gained 22lbs back!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD it goes back on as fast as it comes off IF your head isn't where it should be:mad: :confused: :eek:

I was really disappojnted and angry that I had to stop, which my brilliant LL counsellor talked through with me, but I just couldn't afford to go back after Christmas.
HOWEVER, CD was waiting in the wings and I am due to start on Monday.
I haven't ridden a horse in nearly 10 years and this has been one of my main goals right from the start of my journey at 17st 1lb. But I set myself a target of 12st before I would feel comfortable about putting a horse through it!! I was 5llbs off this when things fell apart.

I now have my 5th wedding anniversary on 8th June to add to my goals and REALLY want to be riding again and "fit looking" by then.

I am a little scared about starting again and I always struggle with drinking enough water and the dreaded bottom problems this can cause. Anybody got any useful but healthy tips?:confused:

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S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb

I lost weight and then bought a horse!! I still have 3 more stone to lose but he's helping me as horse riding and all the chores are great exercise! :)

Water is a struggle for me too, I just have to get on and drink it. I manage about 3 litres a day but thats my maximum - when you can have flavourings that helps as you can drink the flavoured water warm which helps it go down.

Good luck with CD. :)
Nice to hear from you.
Great horse! Owned them in my teens, but not enough time or money now. Still in the work I do I hope to come across someone that might need some help exercising once I am thinner and fitter.