My please.....

Hi there, 3 weeks down the line & 5lbs off but I have a MAJOR predicament. I work in very sheltered housing & a lot of my work is in the kitchen. My problem is the cake cupboard. It contains freshly baked & shop bought cakes & loads of biscuits. The residents are old with mobility problems etc. & get cakes on a regular basis, for most it's the highlight of their day. I serve them up but I've got an awful sweet tooth so even though I 've followed the extra easy at home I struggle so much with this. I work on my own so can more or less have what I want which doesn't help matters. Others must have similar temptations, have any of you managed to conquer this? If so please tell me how you do it.
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At work I just make sure I plan ahead and take plenty of slimming world friendly snacks fruit veg yogurt and use syns for things like curly wirly, also I have a sugar free jelly when im craving something sweet. I think being prepared in these situations is key !!


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I'm sort of in a similar situation in that I have to prepare my 16 month old son's food and feed it to him, that includes very very yummy full fat yoghurts, butter, cheese, bread and other stuff. I used to steal his food as and when I liked and eat his left overs because no one saw me (except him but he likes to share!). I started SW on Monday and haven't sneaked any of his food, not even a teeny taste. I did find myself go to do it automatically but it's all about will power and the fact that I want to be slimmer and healthier and making bad choices with food won't get me to where I want to be. It is hard but I feel really proud of myself that I haven't cheated at all. Not sure if this helps or not but you can do it!
Thanks Billie. I did try taking my own stuff in, asparagus & philly lightest wrapped in ham & a pineapple version too & fruit salad etc. I stopped baking too & instead made a couple of low syn cakes. Other people's baking just looks so inviting - dammit!
Luffoo, thanks for that, it really does help to hear how you get through it, I'll think about you tomorrow at work for inspiration ;-) Well done for staying strong, it gives me hope!


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i have a similar problem, i work in a nursing home, and i work nights, and in the evening the cake that is left from the day is left out for the nights staff and when ur tired sugar just seems soooo appealing! i used to try n just ignore it and use my will power but i usually failed! so now i save syns for it and allow myself some, and u know what most of the time i dont even want any lol! could you have ur syns that day on cake? xx


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I agree with the suggestions of bringing in your on SW friendly sweet snacks so you don't feel deprived. If you really get a craving could you chew gum, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with mouthwash? I find that these help me because I know anything sweet will taste horrible for about 15 minutes afterwards and by then the craving has usually passed. Good luck!


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I have the same problem with the kids treat bucket!! I try to think of them as their treats so if I took one it'd be like stealing off my kids!! Just think the buns and cakes are for the residents, they soo look forward to eating them so how can you possibly steal it from them!! It works for me. I also swear by Hifi lights, 3 syns each or 2 for a HEXB they are my life saver for something sweet with a cup of tea!!


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I share your pain! My office always has a table of treats/temptations- cookies, doughnuts, cakes, crisps etc that everyone snacks on. I find it hard but I haven't given in. I think to myself "Am I more likely to regret eating this than regret not eating it?" There will always be time in the future for occasional treats like the above, but now is not the time :)


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Cloudyjane, why not pop some minty chewing gum in your mouth while your serving the cake, it works for me whenever im preparing goodys for my son x


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I'm like you, my downfall and what gets me is cake. I have a baking cupboard full with chocolate, junk food for lunches/movies etc.

The only thing that sorts me out is not having any, simply cold turkey. I think I can use 4 syns much better then on one biscuit. What I do have is pink wafers (sainsbos version are 2 syns/biscuit) or hot chocolate options (2 syns per packet or 11g). You could make a fruit dip with low fat philly, sweetner, and vanilla essence (or any other essence you like) and mix it up and dip your fruit in it.

Maybe if you have a freezer where you are, pop some low synned frozen treats such as jubblies or the like. You can also freeze banana and is decently sweet and like ice cream if you close you're eyes!


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oh my word I feel your pain. I'm a nanny and the family I work for stock lots and lots of yummy cakes, biscuits etc. it killls me and I rarely win the battle. im due to start sw week after next when I return from hollibobs but im panicking about how ill cope when im back at work. I don't allow my children (own or those in my car) such foods but cant seem to treat my own body with the same respect. ..!


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How about keeping a stash of low syn treats like Alpen bars (which I think can be a he b or mini meringues?
Thanks guys for all your suggestions, much appreciated!
I'll try a few of your tips & let you know how it goes ;-)
Having a few days off now so I'll concentrate on some healthy recipes & have a word with myself while I'm at it!