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My Slimming World Diary, by Abigail's Mummy

Hi Everyone,

Im 24, engaged and mummy to my little girl Abigail, who is 15 months old. :family2: Really looking forward to documenting my journey to becoming a healthier, slimmer mummy.

Well today I rejoined Slimming World. I had joined in January, but unfortunately I fell into the spiral of comfort eating during my college course and gained all my weight back plus a bit more. Very glad to be back though, and the Slimming World consultant has already sent me an email with an electronic kick up the bum so I feel really in the mind set now. Im going to dust off my Wii fit, and use my Gym membership at some point this week too!

Today I had..

Breakfast: Nothing (Not good) but I was so busy this morning, with getting the baby ready for the meeting too..

Lunch - 1 & 1/2 reduced fat Sainsburys sausages, (3 & 1/2 Syns) scrambled egg, beans, half a slice of white bread - No Butter. 1 Mullerlight Yoghurt (Syn Free)

Dinner - Two small jacket potatoes, with beans and 25g cheese, salad, light salad ceasar dressing (Syn Free) 1 Half of 'Taste The Difference' Fish Cake from Sainsburys (3 syns)

Dessert - Strawberries with two melted squares of white chocolate 2 syns each square: 4 syns

Snacks - Sparkling Flavoured Water - Syn Free

Total syns for first day: 10.5

Not bad for the first day, will make sure I exercise tomorrow.
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Hey CHick

Found your diary Woo Hoo!!

That sounds like a fab day.

FIngers crossed you will stay on track! But you know you will get lots of support on here!

So when is your first WI??
Hi Zoe! :-D Well I had my first weigh in this Wednesday and unfortunately I STS for my first week, which does not surprise me. It was my fiancés birthday and then I received some amazing news (career plans) so I have been eating lots and drinking champagne :-S. Although I have been on the Wii FIT a few days this week so I'm really happy about that. Will have to start fresh Monday now as that's when I can do a weekly shop. Been a bit 'down' on myself about it as the career path I am on requires me to very self disciplined but I just can't seem to be the same with this. I am so unhappy with my weight so why do I keep eating rubbish? :-(
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F**K we have all been there

I know I am an eater, I eat when I am happy, when I am celebrating, when I am unhappy, when I am depressed, when I am bored! etc etc

On the plus side you only had a STS which is amazing!! Esp if you have been being bad!!
So onwards and upwards. Plus you did some exercise, so if you keep that up and eat well you will have a greast loss this week!!

Keep fighting for it! Remember we are fighting the flab and you aint alone chick-I am on the battle field as well!!!
Thanks Zoe, it is so hard isnt it?

Well I did some exercise this morning on the WII. Ready to start fresh tomorrow. I just need some sort of coping strategy, as I am serial comfort eater too. You have done so well Zoe, off to look at your journal now.


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No it really isnt easy.

I recently out a status on fast which said
'I wish losing weight was as easy as putting it on, in the same why as heavily pregnant woman wish getting the baby out was as much fun as getting it in' and it is true.

I suppose the best things in life are always hard-otherwise you wouldnt appreciate it as much. If it was easy to lose weight I would yo-yo way more than I do already. Hoping the long journey to being my ideal weight will result in me never want to put it on again, because I will know the struggle.

Just start planning meals everyday/week and you should be fine! plus get lots of fruit in, then you always have nibbles!!!

Thanks for the support Zoe,

Well I have not been doing very well...

I have managed to do exercise a couple of times, but I have not been following the Slimming World plan at all. I am still the same weight though! It probably didnt help that my Slimming World Consultant has gone on holiday for 3 WEEKS and replaced her with a battleaxe, so I havent gone to group. I had a proper heart to heart with my fiance yesterday and he said he wants to try and help me with this because my weight is getting me down so much I was literally in tears last night! :cry: My birthday was last week, I am now 25 but I spent it in the house yet again because I didnt want to go to a bar or anything because I cant fit into anything that I would like to wear, and my confidence has gone completely. I used to be a size 6, I dont know whats happened to me. Anyway, I am following plan today and will update later on. I need to do this, next official function is Christmas parties. I do NOT want to stay in the house for that.


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Tell you what why dont we do it together-another support on top of whatever you have at home. I started 10 lbs heavier than you! And hoping to get down to around 10 stone/10.5 stone, will see which is more likely when I get there!

I have never been a six 6 so I cant fully understand the change, but I can understand the feeling down because you dont fit into things! Although strangely I feel that way still even though I have lost nearly 2 stone!

So chin up, keep trying and dont give up!! A few bad days is a disaster, I am slowly learning that we are human and we will all slip up occasionally!! So if I do it isnt the end of the world(normally one slip and I would be a very unhappy bunny, and more likely to have more bad stuff)

Anyway I will stop blabbering now! xxx
Thank you Zoe, YAY we can support each other for definite. I will make sure i come on everyday, I have the iphone app as well. Im wondering whether to get my fiance to do it with me, but he is like 4 stone lighter than me as it is...:rolleyes: What exercise do you do at the moment?


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My exercise sort of changes all the time, at the minute I am mostly going on my exercise bike, and doing a few repeats of arm weights while I am on it. Then end by doin a few sit up/crunch exercises. But when I first started I just walked the dogs then increased that, then tried DVD's etc.

My hubby occasionally has the same food as me but will have extras, like cheese on his, but mostly has his own food. He is 147 lbs (what I want to get down to) and def doesnt need to lose any!

Well keep in touch! And I look forward to your diary! xx
*Shamefully steps in*...

Right.......well I decided to leave my slimming world journey for a bit the last time I posted. As I have just relocated to Brighton for a course I need to do for my career. . At first I was commuting for 2 hours each way and was eating just about everything and anything. Way too stressed, although I am now more settled and will be going to my new slimming world group this Saturday.

I think the crunch time came last Saturday, where I realised just walking up the road was making me all tired and sweaty. Although, I am really excited as no more self punishment, putting myself down for failing from now onwards. It wasnt the right time! Im looking forward to being VERY slim next Summer. Will update after my meeting..


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Hey chick

DOnt worry

I have been very bad at filling in my diary. I have not been in the routine of it, but as of today I am determined to be doing it as often as possible x

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