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Need a bit of a kick!


I would like to say I've been 100% over the last few weeks, but I can't, I've not gone crazy but def going over my syn limit. I start off the week really well after class and then a few days into it, I get fed up, or there's no fruit in the house I can nibble on to stop be going for the biscuits etc...etc...

It seems to be the evenings that I go astray, I start off the day well, but come evening I just pick and usually on the wrong things. I need to regain a bit of that control and discipline I had in the beginning...and I need to drink so much more than I am now.

It's such a pain because each week I weigh in it's 1lb on, 1lb off, sts, and I know why but can't seem to stop this.

Anyone else struggling recently?
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Well I've just started so ok at the mo but know how you feel as we've all been there. You have the solution in your post "or there's no fruit in the house". If you dont have anything suitable you'll pick something unsuitable. I find with SW you have to be prepared by never running out of things that you rely on (for me fruit and yogs for those moments when you want something sweet and quick). Its the same when I'm at work on a Mon/Tues/Wed - I have to make my lunch the night before as I cant just grab a sarnie anymore. Its all a case of being prepared.

Just look at how well you've done - get back into it, would be awful to undo all your good work


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hey there hears your twin, lol
i awlays start the day off great (well saying great that means i've had nothing 2 eat) then by 6 i am looking 4 what ever i can get my hands on!!
have been on my own diet since jan n only lost 7lb! with taking 1lb off putting 2lb bk on! aww then u think whats the point of this!!
starting sw on wed so looking 4ward 2 making big changes!
good luck this week, do u go 2 a class or just doing it your self?
I agree with Jen3. It really does help to be prepared. I make sure I always have fruit, even if it's just bananas or apples, and syn free yogurts. But I also stock up on low syn treats-caramel Freddo's are an absolute life saver (5 syns) and Time Outs are my new favourite (8.5 syns). There are SO many low syn snacks it's definitely worth getting a few bits in when you go shopping :)

And also make sure you're eating enough at meal times, so you don't feel too hungry in between.xx
Thanks, yeah I think I need to pop to the shops, and make a list of SW friendly stuff, for emergency's. I do go to a class, but it's just to get weighed in at the mo, which is a shame as I enjoyed Image Therapy. But I had to change my class, and only one I could go to unfortunately I can't stay due to other commitments. But still think It's worth going because would totally fall of wagon without it.
I also find myself sometimes having a chocolate bar and then feeling so bad, I'll skip dinner, but then later on I will pick as am hungry, and go over syns. Some bad habbits I need to get out of I think!

Well back to planning everything I think, I need to get back in the zone. I'm thinking of maybe getting a cross trainer or something as my gym membership finished and I miss it and it kept me motivated and eating well. So may try that too.

Thanks all :)

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