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Need a bum-kicking

G: 9st10lb
Excitment regarding Cd....Gone

Im so fed up now.... 8 months down and the shake/tetra/bar thing has lost its appeal. I am sick fed up looking at them and have gotten to stage im almost ready to give in.... although i still have 16lbs to go!

I need a severe bum kicking to remind me of how it used to be, i want to feel all the things i did in the very beginning.... the things that made this diet so great. i feel ive lost my way.

Sorry to be down....just looking for ideas on how to boost my enthusiasm for CD and give me the strength to continue for another few weeks.

Ho hum, Anni's glum!

Hope everyone else is having a more positive day

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Hi sweetie! What about buying yourself a dress that you love in the next size down?
What about moving up the plans?
You have done so amazingly well, let's brainstorm some ideas to get you through it xx


Tequila makes miaow happy
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No you are soooo close. I have 16lb to go as well and it is so hard. Pound by pound we will get there, i am pretending I have just started for the first time and a doing all the things I did then - planning set times and stuff. I have stayed the same this week so far so I know how hard it can be - but in 4 weeks you could be finished and moving on! Why not try SSplus? I am sticking to SS as I did have some time off and dont want to not get to goal again, but grit those teeth and keep going. A month will pass whatever you do but you could get there at goal!
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Just look how far you have come babe. You have done so fantastically well, just finish the job.

Good luck...
G: 9st10lb
hi all.........

I know this! I am trying as i dont want to ruin it and 2 months later still be at this weight and wonder...what if i had just stuck it out?

I have a week off work this week - which is probably why im feeling like this and im tied to the house and kids a bit more - so only getting to the gym twice. Thats what spurs me on, so my days are limited for exercise.

Im going to have to try Quizz's idea and maybe buy something nice for wearing on xmas day! Im also so looking forward to going for my Spa day at the end of October when i propose to be at goal (fingers crossed) and will be able to taste the healthy buffet they put on for us.

hugs all
G: 9st10lb
just had a choc shake and a pint of water! feeling better and i know i HAVE to do this!!!

I think i would feel better if i LOOKED like i had lost over 6.5 stones...I feel i look much the same as i did when i started and only 'feel' different. Hmmmmmmmm maybe when we start we have an image of how we should look close to goal and im no where near it.

Onwards and upwards. Gotta keep going. get past goal and then work on losing more to get to a nice BMI.



Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
92 pounds lost hon is truly amazing and inspirational you have done so well .. You are so close to goal....... I am a constant shopper known as a shopaholic and keep buying clothes to keep me motivated.
Its so worth it you have come so far.... treat yourself to something nice even if its having your nails done or a facial or anything..
Hang in there your doing great...... you so nearly there xx


please try again
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i have a beautiful dress in size 12 ( im a 28 ) that i want to wear, its hanging on the outside of my wardrobe so i see it when i wake up and it gets me set for the day


Back On Track!
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Hello babycallalillies

I am pleased to see that lunarjim has kindly obliged and provided the requested kick on the bum!
Wow, 92 pounds already lost ...I am officially appointing you as my heroine of the week and will think of your accomplishment as I resist my favourite temptations (planning a day trip this weekend to my mate living in a seaside town, and I usually indulge in fish n' chips/ice-creams as I associate these items with trips to English beaches).
I too am a shopaholic - don't quite recommend this (it does dent my monthly budget) but would definitely suggest a lovely dress/outfit to aspire to fitting in once that final 16lbs eradicated.
Good Luck!

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