Need a good talking to ;-)


This is it!
S: 20st4lb C: 18st5lb G: 17st4lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 1st13lb(9.51%)

Just need a little advise really. I am applying for a job that I really REALLY want, the only downsides are that it is halfway across the country and one of the essential requirements is being able to interpret reports from a piece of software I last used 2 years ago. Does anybody think it's possible that I won't get an interview based on that? I feel pretty confident that I meet all the other criteria, just this one poxy section! So I thought instead of panicking about it privately, I would come on here and publicly do it!

(On the plus side, on CD, lost 5lbs today, a total of 6.2 stones, I am now 13.5 stone. At least CD has given me more time to worry about other things besides my weight!)

Thanks for any advise on this
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Hiya, To be honest, I wouldnt really worry about the software if I were can be amazed at how much you will remember when you are using the system again so I doubt very much if the fact that its 2 yrs since you used it will put them off you if you have everything else they are looking for!!!

Oh....and well done on your fab loss!!!


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I think that most companies are looking for the person that best fits the criteria and will fit in with the company. I can't see that you won't be shortlisted because of those things. After all you have used the software, you just aren't absolutely up to date with it. Bet it won't have changed that much. Look it up on google and read about any new feature. Your weight loss is obviously giving you lots of confidence and I bet that will shine through. Good Luck, Melissa