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Need desperate advice :( Georgie, Spooky, Icemoose - plz rescue me

When i started CD they asked if i had a yeast allergy - why?

I have eczema, and usually its only bad when i'm totaly stressed, the seasons change dramatically, or i use/eat something im allergic to.
It was the same a few weeks ago when i did my first 2 weeks CD, and now my eczema is awful.
Just got in the bath and "exfoliated" and so much skin came off it was terrifying. I'm all blotchy, red, and in so much pain i can't bear it.
Put my steroids on everyday, and usualy it would have cleared over night - its just getting worse.
My brother who suffers from yeast intolerance for his eczema reckons there's a high quantity in the sachets.....

Plz help me, my CDC is bloody useless
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Even better - just reading that skin health is related to intestinal health. For about 6 months last year i was drinking 2 yakult a day, and myeczema was gone. Sh*t, if im so sensitive to yeast - im going to have to give up CD

Hi ya I am exactly like you have always suffered with really bad eczema and CD does bring the worst out in me. I am currently using an Aloe Vera based gel from Holland And Barrett, admittedly it is not clearing it up as fast as it normally would but it is keeping the itch under control, my steroids aren't touching it either, time of year does not help as you say
Awww nik,
you're the best, but i hate the sickly shakes by now. Was planning on just living off the soups!
Right, to MSN!
Sorry only just seen your post Leah, but saw Nikki to the rescue. Sorry you are having problems especially when you have been feeling rough anyway.

awwwww you poor thing...sending lots of hugs your way. I dont know the answer but i hope someone can help

oh my god! having spoken to spooky on S&M (or MSN as some call it) i just rang the doctor.
He said "leah, we've known about your yeast intolerancy for years" - ERM, HELLO!??!??! would be nice to know. My mama knew nothing either and just went mental on the phone.

Ive been referred to a dietician, and i have to "re-set" my system by eating salan and white meat for weeks.

I dont want to have to say goodbye to CD, maybe i'll find a way to live off tetras for the following few months.

Poop xx
I know there isn't much I can say to help but big HUGS to you hun xxxx
Oh no Leah!:cry:

Could you do 790 so that you eat the salad and white meat and have tetras?

I hope you get something sorted and that you're ok! :gen126:

Best of luck
Mocha xx

Love you all xx


Addicted to Minimins!
Awwwwwww sweetie. Sending *BIG HUGS*
Doctors eh? woulda been nice for them to let YOU know about your yeast intolerance.
I hope you get something sorted and you start to feel a bit better soon. xxxx
**Receives all hugs and snuggles under quilt**

Thank you xx
Just hoping your feeling better soon, have you tried any essential oils, chamomile and lavender diluted can work wonders for some. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
yeah! unfortunately i get "smell- sensitive" cos of my migranes. I've tried everything :(

Tell you wat is helping, talking to Delli on MSN - she makes me laugh my socks off!! Everyone should add her xxx

Thanks sarah! thought i was too cool for you xxx

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