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Need encouragement

Hello Girls!
I am day 4 and struggling BIG time! Went to see my leader yesterday and I am indeed in ketosis. I thought once i was then it would be easier. I really am not hungry at all and i'm not struggling because i want to eat particuarly I just don't feel well on it. I am really light headed and feel strange. ?Did anyone else get this? Does it pass? I may not turn up for week two at this rate as I can't bear to feel like this for a month!
My sister has lost 3.5 stone on the full LL and I honestly don't know how she hasn't collapsed through weakness! What are your experiences???
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You have to look at the big picture of the littler you and want that, especially with Christmas looming on the horizon!

The strange feelings will pass but they do take a little time. You are forcing your body to do something it really doesn't want to do and it will sneakily try subterfuge in any guise it can but YOU are in charge not it!

Write a list of things stating why you are doing this and put it somewhere prominent. Fridge door is a good place. You want to lower your blood pressure, you have your eye on a certain outfit, you have a party at Christmas, you just want to feel good about yourself, all of the above.

It isn't easy to get into this but once you are there you can sail through and wonder where the time went whilst admiring the new you.

Good luck.
Don't worry it will pass.
If you read my blogs you will see that I mention food less and less. For a while all I went on about was curry. I could have killed for a full fat Indian. Now food is something I simply eat cos I have to. It is in fact a burden to me and I could quite happily live off 3 shakes a day.
If someone had told me this at the beginning I would have laughed. The same as you probably are now !!
It took me about 3 weeks to get to this stage. Trust me it will happen to you too. Stick with it and see the weight fall off.
reply to jezabella

Are you still on LLL Sue?

Hi yes I am sort of. I am doing my own version cos could not afford LLL. I buy packs of dietimeal and have 3 per day plus evening meal from foods allowed on LLL. The food packs contain virtually the same stuff as LLL give or take 30-50 cals. The best thing is the money I am saving.

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