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Need Soup recipes with no onion!! please help

Hi - I'm just making a soup using Tesco soup and broth mix and adding carrot, potato, leek (would they eat this?) and green and red peppers. I've put chicken stock and garlic in, plus some chilli, black pepper and a bit of salt. I've just tasted it, and it's really nice, and it's free on Green (and extra easy if I put a bit more veg in e.g. cabbage).
Hope this helps :)


Strutting her stuff
Just follow any of the other recipes but leave the onion out or as suggested just use leek instead. But if you're blending it at the end there is no way they would know there is onion in it unless you tell them.
That's what I was going to suggest Circes.

When I make a soup using onion and celery, I blend it up and there's no way anyone would tell the soup contained said ingredients! They both give good bulk/structure to a soup, I find.

General mixed veg soup is good - just leave out what they don't like.

I made broccoli and cauliflower soup last week, that was yum. Ooh and leek and mushroom too.
Unfortunatley it's my OH that does most of the cooking because i'm a bit crap at it, if it was only the kids to be fooled I'd probably get away with it though! thanks

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