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need to cheat

as in are there any acceptable levels of cheating, read a thread regarding cupasoups and staying in ketosis - has anyone cheated moderately just to feel better and still lost?


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Hi i know it's hard but think of all the hard work you have done so far. You will come out of ketosis and then have to start all over again. please try not to give in as you will regret it the minute you do. This week is tough but it will get easier i promise you.

yep i know, did this for 8 wks solid before no cheating at all, just really heavy week in front of me also, v long 15 hrs days - did not intend on giving up just reckon i need a pick me up and was there anything i could take


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I wonder first of all are you drinking enough water as if you are not you can get headaches?

Could you be constipated...?

Is your period due...?

The diet can upset the menstrual cycle.

Eating 3ozs of chicken won't take you out of ketosis but you are in danger of nibbling which leads on to even more nibbling and before you know your out of ketosis and off the diet.

Have you tried making a coffee and using some of the vanilla mix in it. This is warming and a change from black coffee.

It does get easier otherwise none of us would be able to do it.


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try warming up youre shakes and spliting them so you'll get more meals.I think peppermint tea left go cold add choc shake and crushed ice is brill or a vanilla with coffee and sweetener tab to warm you up. If you feel like you have 2 eat have meat only and then continue on as if nothing has happened its a phase it'll pass.I hate saying cheating cause that implies something sly and underhand if you need 2 eat at least keep yourself in ketosis,but, I am all for not tempting myself cause I know if I ate I'm a gonner!!good luck pet.michellex


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I cheated in the early days and it made me feel worse, its just not worth it, keep up your fliuds, have hot drinks, rest, keep busy, sleep, walk - whatever it takes, but dont eat.

can you get a couple of days off work? that may help too.

after coming this far, it would be really unwise to eat, just hang in there.

i really suffered badly in first two weeks, but it has been worth it, it feels like an eternity when you are struggling, but it will soon fly by and you will have clothes falling off you!


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hi,stay positive the 1st couple of wks is the worst,i'm just entering wk 5,& i feel great now,infact i've had no headaches for 2wks & i'm full of energy,i'm sure you will be soon...please try to stick it out,it will get easier...good luck!!!
just keep going..it will pass honest...drik tons of water...this really helps...please dont cheat, its nt a good way to think..good luck:)


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i'm in complete agreement over the vanilla+coffee... i came home from work in the rain this evening and needed something warming, so i made a mug of black coffee with 2 sweeteners and my vanilla shake with 250ml water then tipped both drinks into my fave latte mug - went down an absolute treat! and really filled me up, it was warm but not too hot so i was able to drink it all in the 15mins...
I strongly believe its whatever works for you that matters. No doubt the diet works best by following it strictly 100%, but that isnt neccessarily posible for everyone. I think it also depends how much weight you need to lose, and how long you need to be on LT. There is a risk of kidding yourself, having a few nibbles and joining the slippery slope to weight gain.

That said, I have to admit I have had occasional nibbles (chicken breast, ham, tuna, even hula hoops) but never masses, never over 40g carbs in a day, and not that often! It has slowed weightloss, but not stopped it. I would of lost at a quicker rate if I hadnt, but I am on target in weight-loss amount and time frame with the schedule I set. That said, if I had of had more to lose from the start I wouldnt of deviated.

Personal choice.

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