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Need to get back on plan!!

Hello everyone hope you are all well and enjoying a bit of sunshine. I am tired today and to be honest probably hormonal! :(

I've been doing SW for around 8 weeks now and to be honest I've only been giving it around 80%. I've lost 9.5lb though and I am happy with that. However, I get married 6 weeks on Friday and I really want to try and give 100% until then and see if I can lose a stone. The problem is I am struggling sooooo much to get on the plan properly!

My problem is that once I go off plan (as I appear to have been the last few days), I keep thinking about jumping ship and going back to calorie counting, depsite the fact that SW is obviously working for me because I have lost weight and have had some lovely compliments!

Oh blooooooming nora, why do I do this to myself?!?!?

Advice or general kicks up the backside greatly received.

H x x
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hi lelly11 don't beat urself up over it i'm just the same i've been doing well but can't get back into the right frame of mind then i start thinking shall i go back to calorie counting or w/w but like u i know s/w works just got to give myself a kick up the bum :asskick: i think the key thing with s/w is to plan plan plan which is what i am going to do, well done on ur loss so far and good luck losing the rest x
Hi Lelly, you have saved me the bother of writing a post because everything you have written I have been doing or thought this past 2 weeks. after having lost 7lb in 3 weeks I've now put 5lb back on in 2!!!! How about we suport each other? I'll kick you up the bum and you can kick me :)

Lets see how much we both can lose in 6 weeks! x
Hi thanks both of you! Valerie your weight loss is fab, look at your graph, is that all on SW?

Salsa Queen that would be fab to support each other, I am going to try and sit and plan tonight and get back on it full steam ahead lol!
x x x x x


Thanks for this post I really did need to read it, I was lost and now i'm found (sorry just watching the tv and that phrase came on and it suited)

A light has just gone on in my head. I have a lot of work to do to undo the damage but i'm ready.

Much appreciated xx
Wow how amazing that someone feels just the same as me. I so need to get right back to basics. Once the kids are in bed tonight I am going to get all my SW info out and read read and read some more. Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only person who feels this way. Lets do it ladies ;) xx
It seems that there are lots of people who feel exactly the same way. I am defo feeling it at the moment. Iv got a lot of stress going off at home, and iv been poorly for a few days too, so I am absolutely dreading weigh-in this week.

I have one of those 'devil' / 'angel' conversations going at the moment. The devil is saying, just have a week off, accept what the scales say and start a fresh next week. Then the angel is saying, no start from this minute and you wont put on as much as you would if you carry on eating like a pig all week.

Oh...the joys of slimming lol. Just glad im not the only one with probs staying on the wagon lol xx
Hi thanks both of you! Valerie your weight loss is fab, look at your graph, is that all on SW?
hi lelly11 yes thats while i've been on s/w thats what annoys me about myself i know it works when i can stick to it its just hard getting back in the right frame of mind :( xx
Right ladies are we gonna make this a regular catch up thread then? I lost 1.5 tonight but think that was largely due to a stomach bug earlier in the week. Really want a 100% week this week to lose 3lb and get my stone! How we all doing? X x

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