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need to get my bum into gear


loves minimins
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I've started this diet and failed so many times i've lost count but i'm sat here with a bag of 18 in the cupboard and thinking ok 1 last try. not sure what hubby's going to say probabily NO but i think i gotta try it just once more, my doctors put me on anti d's which i'm not happy with but after sitting talking to him about how i feel about being over weight (and other stuff) he could see how upset i was and said i think u need them and u also need to tackle this weight issue head on. i asked him about lipotrim which he said i didn't need cos i'm only about 3 stone over weight and have 4 kids the youngest being 16 weeks old and in and out of hospital, he suggested weight watchers but i've done that and i did sign up again last week but haven't managed 1 full day yet. as soon as i eat i binge. so i told the doc this and he said "well i don't like the diet its for really obese people needing surgery but if u want to try it and need help i'm here to support u" which i thought was really nice,

so now i just need to convince hubby
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hi Kelly

can i just point out one thing sweety. you are doing this for YOU nobody else, your doing it to make YOU feel better, sexier and slimmer.

and regardless of what the world says go for it. If your hubby cannot support you in beating depression by doing this then he's not worth it. he may not agree with it but he should at least support you because this is for you.
hey welcome aboard...my heaviest was 214 but i started lt on 2nd jan at 203lb and i dont need surgery but do need to do lt! im in the obese category!!the good thing about this diet is you dont have the option to eat anything. you cant your not allowed. this really helps because you dont even have to think oh can i have that or i cant have that. or just a little wont hurt and then you end up binging.
this is the simplist diet around. dont confuse simpicity with easyness though as you well know.
yes its hard but my gosh the results are fantastic.
tell your hubby he cant tell you "no" as he wants you to be happy and this IS going to make you happy.
You can do it! just get on here whenever you feel your struggling and well give you all the support you need:) i couldnt live without this place tbh!
best of luck on your journey sweetie, jst take it day by day and remember water water water,,, its only a few months out of your life and you can have food again..it will be there when you come off.just look at it as a little holiday from food!!...
good luck for your weigh in and start! x


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Hun the others are right. You need to do this for yourself! No one else but you! And if you decide to do it then we will all be here for you. But I have two concerns for you.

You are 16 weeks after childbirth, do you think your depression could be post natal? It is more common than people realise.

Secondly, I would worry that you are taking on a lot by doing Lipotrim, with 4 kids and the little one so young. I am just wondering if this is the right time? I know how tired I feel on lipotrim and I have a 20 mth old. I wouldn't have coped on it when she was 14weeks. (still doing sleepless nights). I think it important to do these things when the timing is right. I would hate to see you take on too much and perhaps fail and then just add to the list of reasons that you beat yourself up!

I only say this for you to consider. But if you feel the time is right and truly want to do it then I'm behind you 100%. Best of luck whatever you decide.


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Hi Kelly
LT will be great for you if you can hack it - 'cos you've only got about sixty pounds to lose. You should do that in 3 or 4 months so by the summer you could be at goal! Bells is right - if you have food issues (as I have) LT is great because the choice is taken away - it's impossible to make bad choices.
I think you need to use the time you're off food wisely though - you need to have a plan about how you're going to face it again, otherwise all the weight will go back on and you'd have to start the treadmill all over again.
I'm so sorry you're depressed though lovie. If the weight is only part of it you should try to really tackle the "other stuff" too. Were you offered any sort of counselling? If not you should ask if there's any available.

Good luck Kelly. Maybe if you sort the weight issues out it will give you the confidence to tackle everything else.

Whatever happens you'll get loads of support here.

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Hi kelly!!
OMG!! you sound exactly like me. I have four kids and the youngest is 20 months. I first went on LT when she was 4 weeks and I lasted nine weeks but it was bloody hard and I had to stop at nine weeks because my body got so weak, I couldnt even laugh or climb the stairs!! I also had postnatal depression after each child but my weight made it so much worse and i felt so much better when i got down to 10 stone 4!!. If you can stick with it, go for it!!

Now, I disagree with the other as regards their comments on the hubby. I dont think that if he says no to the diet that he doesnt care how you feel or is jealous. In the majority of cases, if he is a good man, he is just worried about you. My husband does not agree and never did because of the stories of people having kidney failure and major illness after being on a TFR. It is not natural for the body to just consume liquids for weeks on end and at the end of the day, it is something that we all have to be aware of that this is the risk that we are willing to take for weightloss.

I love my hubby very much and he accepts my diet now but beleive me there was a lot of shouting about how selfish I was as regards if I get ill and the children are left without their mother.

So ladies, it is not as cut and dried as that our partners are jealous. They are just justifiably worried for us.
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i hope your feeling better, i think every one who takes on this diet amazing. its hard slog but the results are visable within the first week. i hope these big loses spare you on they do me. you will do great and im sure husband loves you just the way you are i know my fella does and he doesnt undersand why i would want to do such an extrem diet but im sure your husband will stand y your decision if he can see its realy what you want.

good look you will be great

kaz x
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I love my hubby very much and he accepts my diet now but beleive me there was a lot of shouting about how selfish I was as regards if I get ill and the children are left without their mother.

So ladies, it is not as cut and dried as that our partners are jealous. They are just justifiably worried for us.

I agree wholeheartedly - but, the way I was going - 19st 4 at my heaviest, I was going to die early anyway - so in my opinion - LT is doing something about it - not just trying and then giving in on a traditional diet.

Good luck honey, you can do it, for you, for your life, for your kids and for your hubby.



loves minimins
S: 15st11.5lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 2st0.5lb(12.87%)
hi everyone,

your all sooooooo lovely, just to add my husband is a great man he supports me through everything i do he just hates liquid dieting, to an extent he understands but then he's only 10 st 4lb i'd like to weigh less than him, i want to feel and look sexy.

he tell's me all the time how sexy i am but i just don't see it myself, some of you are probabily the same, i do however think i look pretty good to say i have 4 kids aged 11,5,2(nearly 3) and a 16 week old, the bodys took a bit of hammer for the last 5 years lol, i seem to look huge when i'm pregnant. i mean how many people look pregnant at 12 weeks? i do but i look about 6 months lol.

I need to do this to feel good about me i know hubby understands but like other diets i've done e.g weight watchers which i did really well on then found out 16lb short of goal i was pregnant again with baby number 3, though i didn't mind i ate sensibly but gained it all back plus 1 stone more and ended up where i am now after baby 4.

i used to be 17st before i had my first child but lost 5 st while pregnant cos i couldn't eat anything i was always sick (sorry tmi) i lived off fresh cherry's.

anyway ramble over see you all after my weekend.

good luck with the weekend weigh-ins
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If your husband sees how upset you are by your weight, i am sure he will support you with anything you do.

I have done the shakes a few times and my husband got fed up of me doing them then giving in then starting again. He didnt want me to do the shakes ever again. He wanted me to diet and exercise. I did this from the beginning of Jan for nearly 3 weeks and in that time lost a grand total of 2lbs!!! With going to the gym 5/6 times a week!! At the end of that i got so fed up that i said i wanted to do the shakes again. He supported me as he saw that diet and exercise wasnt working fast for me and could see how upset i was. I started LT last monday with his support..... am down 8lbs in a week and feeling great about it :)


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hiya!! Fingers crossed he well let you do it to help get you out of this slump xxxx


loves minimins
S: 15st11.5lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 2st0.5lb(12.87%)
well done lizzie x i bet your well roud of yourself and so you should be hun.

gonna run it by hubby tonight when the kids go to bed. will have to take it from there,
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Good luck with your hubby and with lipotrim itself.

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