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Need to have a rant, sorry.


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I really feel crap right now. I was signed off work for 14 days on Jan 2nd, with suspected glandular fever. My total cow of a manager has been on the phone almost constantly, asking me when I'm going back. The 1st time she phoned, I missed her call, and she left me a really shirty voicemail, saying I was to call her immediately to 'disscuss my absence'. She had no idea Id been signed off, and just though Id taken it upon myself to take 2 weeks off. Even now she knows I was signed off by my Dr, she's still pressuring me. Ive spoken to a co-worker, and apparently there are 2 other members of staff signed off, and the manager isn't paying out for cover staff, all in a bid to save money. She's also changed all our shift patterns (we work on a rolling rota system) and is no longer giving us a full weekend off anymore, and she's changed this without consulting us at all. Most people at work are up in arms about it, by all accounts, she just turned round and said she's not bothered. I personally think that if she saves the company money, then she'll get a bonus or something, but she should be looking after her workforce, either that or shes trying to push us all out, so she can get new staff to do things her way. I am so thinking about getting another job, but that's easier said than done, especially with the economy in the state it is. I'm due back at work next Monday, and I'm dreading it. I had a blood test on Friday, and shes already been on the phone to me this morning, asking me what the results were, and seem fairly put out when I didnt have them yet, but its been the weekend, so nothing has been done.
The changing of the set shifts has really pissed me off. Ive made plans for days off and weekends off, and now I don't get a full weekend off anymore. I know I'm not the only one, but I just don't know what to do.
To make my day even worse, me and OH have had a row, because he said he had videos and photos on his phones memory card and it wouldnt work. When I suggested he put it in my phone to see if it'd work, he said no, because there may be stuff of his ex on there that I wouldnt want to see. Thats wound me up. He says he can't get to it and if he could he'd delete it, and that i'm pathetic about winding myself up about something he cant even see, but I can't help that it bothers me. So now he's gone out, and there's bad feeling between us.
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Oh you poor thing. I had a similar phone experience with an ex and it really does knock you trust and confidence, he had nudey pics on there, and that is something I owuld never do ( pose for them). I found them when he asked me to get hos phone repaired one day. They were years old and he said I was being stupid but it hurts. We finished soon after as I couldnt take it. Re the job, your manager has no right to call you at home as long as you are sticking to the companies rules re absence. Our say you have to phone in every otther day to give them an update. I would have a word with HR just to make sure you are following the rules else they can dock your pay. Do you have a union rep you can talk to?


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No union rep, and HR are all for my manager. Because she's saving the company money, she can do no wrong in their eyes.
As for OH. I know he's only just got that phone up and running, so he's not kept them on there on purpose, and he's shown me his memory card wont work. I guess it's cuz hes not asked me to pose. Although his last phone didnt even have a camera. Maybe i'm over-reacting, but I cant hekp feeling wound up by it.


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Your manager isn't allowed to hassle you regarding your time off sick. I hope you feel better soon but if it helps, give ACAS a ring and they will be able to give you some advice as she's definitely only allowed to contact you every now and again for updates, sounds like harassment to me.

As for your other half, hmmmm, if it was me (and its not, so easy for me to say) he'd be getting a swift kick in the goolies and told to delete them. But as I said, easier said than done.

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hi sorry for your troubles I take it you have a contract with work, does it state that your shifts can be changed as and when they require??? check your contract and tell your manager to shove it up where the sun dont shine.... with regards to OH, if it was old stuff then thats the past you are the present x

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Re work: HR need to pull their finger out, as they should be the ones to contact you not your Manager and you are within your rights to make a complaint. You should not be pressurized to return to work before your Doctor feels you are ready.

As has been already suggested, have a look at your contract, and get in contact with ACAS Acas - How can we help?

Re Boyfriend.......hmm well if he was mine he would be walking with a limp, if he still fails to understand why you are upset ask him if it would be OK for you to have naked photos of your ex on your phone?


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I know as far a the OH thing goes, I may be over-reacting. I know his not used or been able to use that phone for months and months, before we actually got together, and I also know his memory card wont work, he's showed me that, several times this morning. Maybe I'm insecure and worried, would he look at them if her could?
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No don't damn insecurities you are pretty normal. Would he like it? i doubt it! so don't take any of the blame and feel bad.

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