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..doing it!
Hiya :wavey:

Ive decided to look for a callanetics dvd coz ive heard great things about it on this site :)

My body feels and looks kinda wobbely at the mo and im worried about flabby/excess skin while loosing the weight on LT :cry:

I have NO idea which dvd to flippin get!

I want to order it today so i can get it asap :D

Any recs please???

Does anyone know how this compares to pilates??

Thanks for reading, hope your having a good day! :cool:

:bestwishes: Lei xxxxx
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soz no idea what calenetic is why dont you do some light toning while on lt x


maintaining since June'09
Hi Lei!

Lol! Obviously not too many callinteticists on here!.... Not at the moment anyway. Sorry I can't help either. Have you tried asking the question in the exercise forum?

Sorreeee xx


..doing it!
:sign0007: :copon:

Yeah i kinda thought that after i posted haha :giggle:

I did post a message in the exercise forum but i guess everyone there is out exercising :D

I found some online reviews that helped, so ive ordered one from ebay.

Boy im soo ditzy today :silly: i blame the heat and lack of action ah-hem! :rolleyes: :p

Lei xxxx
OMG Callenetics!! I remember having a video of that in the early 80's along with the Jane Fonda fitness tapes...
Not heard of anyone doin it since then...maybe it's makin a big revival along with the others 80's fads.

maybe if u look on amazon u will find some dvd's. I may have a look myself, remenice(is that how u spell it?)


..doing it!
Hiya cappachino :wavey:

Thank you for your reply :) I have found the dvd that i wanted!

Someone actually replied in the fitness thread yay! :cool:

I think its because im an 80's baby that i had never heard of callanetics before reading up on it today :giggle:

Glad i did though, and cannot wait to receive the dvd, hopefully next week :innocent0001::woohoo:

Hope you don't mind me asking, but did u use your callanetics video when you had it? If so, how did you get on?

Lei xxx


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Hey Leinaya,
Thanks for this great post. I'm due to start CD in a month and have decided to purchase this to see if it helps tone me up. I've googled it and looked at before and after pictures and the results are great.


..doing it!
Hellooo sbridge7 :wavey:

Yeah im definately impressed with the pics ive seen too!!! :D

Plus with it being low-impact it will be ok to do while on a vlcd.

Good luck with your CD :cool:

Lei xxx


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Aww thanks hun! You're doing really well. Keep up the good work and let me know how you get on with Callanetics :)


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