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Andy R.

Time for a change
good luck tonight, i still feel nervous after 6 months of weigh ins lol. Hopefully you'll have a great first week loss. like u i try not to eat to much on weigh in day. probably doesnt make that much difference, but it helps me lol.


I will succeed!!!
Good luck!!!

1pm might be a little early to stop eating - because by 5pm you're likely to be hungry hungry and might eat something anyway! Plus it's better to eat smaller and more frequently to stop your body storing it all after a long lull.

I get weighed at 5pm, so I don't eat or drink past 3 to stop me caving and munching too close to WI.

Keep us posted xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with Sticky, dont stop eating at 1pm as that is really just asking for trouble! I used to weigh at 6 and would stop eating 2 hours before and drinking an hour before. I would then take fruit and a can of diet coke to class with me and munch on them as the class went on.

Good luck for your weigh in!


Slow but sure....
Good advice from MrsV and Sticky re your eating before WI.

Everyone gets nervous before a WI even me and I do SW at home.

Just remember when you get off those scales you are going to be so chuffed at the weight you have lost.

Good luck for your WI tonight, you'll be alright. X


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You never feel that much different on your first weigh in. You feel you've been eating non stop and can't possibly have lost......then you step on the scales and a big lump has dropped off! It's magic! Good luck tho you won't need it! Just make sure that you do the same thing every weigh day.(I have been known to weigh my clothes!)
Loads of luck. I am 3rd week into my plan and couldnt believe how nervous I was at my first WI.

As everyone... we all try and watch whatw e eat on WI day but remember its what you have been doing all week that counts.. not whether you ate a banana at 3pm so have some little snacks ( grapes, melon) to keep you going.

Fingers crossed for you chick and let us know how you got on.
L xxx


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hey, how was your first week?

I always have red days on weigh in day, so I can eat but not feel completly stuffed (like I do on a green day!)

hi berryred, my first week was elish but i have not really had any of my syns cos i know that once i have say a snickers and couted it as syns i will just have another one, im like that so i wud rather have none xxx
i hope that makes sense xx

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