New and i'd like your advice!


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Hi everyone. I'm new here, going to my first class tonight and then going to start on my packs tomorrow.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else goes to group meetings to see the CDC or whether you all just have one-to-ones? There are no CDC's in my area so some from the surrounding areas hold a big group meeting (about 30 people) probably a lot like weight watchers. Anyone else go to this sort of arrangement? Do you find you get enough time with your CDC?

Oh, and any reccomendations for the packs? What do you think is the best flavours? :sign0163:
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When i started CD 9 weeks ago, i asked exactly the same question about flavours by starting a new thread. Click on this link.
You will find that one person's favourite is another persons hate.
My favourite sweet flavour is chocolate, favourite savoury Oriental Chilli and i love the porridge for breakfast each day.
Can't stand any non lactose flavours or tetras either.
Cappuccino is my most hated.

PS i go to my CDC's house, on a one to one basis. No group meetings for me.


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I have one to ones with my counsellor and she is great. I couldnt do it without her actually.
My favvo flavours are Banana, Cappucino and butterscotch.
I hate the soups, they make me heave.
Love the bars - they make this diet so doable and taste better than the real sweeties


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I see my CDC on a one to one basis, and she is really, really lovely! :D

It's funny to see everyone's likes and dislikes, you're right about the one persons favourite and the other persons hate.

Quite a lot I don't like, the orange one is DISGUSTING! aswell as the toffee and walnut. Pretty much i only really like the strawberry. Chocolate and banana are .. o.k ish!

Not a great lover of the soups, chicken and mushroom is.. well, ok for the once but don't think i'll have it again.


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I have a one to one meeting which is great, but im sure a group session will be great too, its down to what you do when you are at home that counts heehee..
The only shakes i like are cappachino and chocolate - always have one hot before bed!
Best soups for me are mushroom, chick and mushroom and tomato - the broccoli and cheese are apparatenly the most hated but all tastebuds are different! good luck xxx