Not so new newbie


Hi all.
I'm a not so new newbie.
I forgot about how good this safe haven was and found my old login details. If I'm honest I was more of a lurker than a poster.

So I started again a couple of months back, after having my little girl nearly 2 years ago. Last week I gave up going to group. I'm going it alone, as I used to go to group but life kind of just went belly up, my husband has some unknown health problems and can't look after our daughter for too long alone, so my usual Saturday morning to myself has disappeared.

Last night Minimums popped up in a dream, so I decided to log back on. I'm weighing myself on a Saturday morning. Wish me luck...again. I need to get fit and healthy for my little girl. I don't want to her to see the negative side of Mummy who beats herself up up because I feels like a failure.

Good luck to everyone on their journey. Together we can do it.
Welcome back!
I too was a long time lurker and have lost a good bit of weight since I joined many years ago but I still have a bit left to go. I’ve joined SW online but just for a couple of months as I should be at target by then.
I loved this site back in the day it was so inspirational
Good luck 🤞