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New celeb after Pauline Quirke

Who will be the new LighterLife celebrity after Pauline Quirke? LighterLife will be announcing a second 'refer a friend' campaign shortly along with a new celeb. I'm guessing....as it is 'refer a friend' maybe it will be Linda Robson, as she has expressed interest in doing LighterLife. So far, the first campaign has led to 600 clients and sales of 41,000 extra foodpacks. Ideas on the celeb?
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Vanessa Feltz? She had a gastric band but it doesnt seem to have really worked as she had hoped.


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My money is on Dawn French she is defo doing something but keeping it quiet xx
I saw a picture of Dawn French that said she had lost 3 stone by walking. She was looking lovely as usual.


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eatlikeabird said:
I saw a picture of Dawn French that said she had lost 3 stone by walking. She was looking lovely as usual.
Walking really!?! Lol if we all lost weight by walking then why are most of us here! I think there is more to it than that. Not necessarily LL but something xx
Lady, surprisingly, walking can do it. I have a friend back home and she was quite heavy - she locked her car keys up, and simply walked everywhere she needed to go. If the mall was an hour and ahlaf walk away - she walked it, etc. She just walked and walked and walked - kind of like Forrest Gump ran and ran and ran.....and she lost an AMAZING amount of weight!!! ANd in not too long a time.

It has to be a pretty powerful walk to be effective though - not just strolling up to the shops and back, etc, it has to have some umpfh behind it.

But - she was a 'housewife' and did not work so had time to walk all day everyday.

She sort of watched what she ate but she didn;t diet. But she probably did walk about 10 miles a day.

I dont have the time or inclination myself, even though I try - when feet are not in pain (arthritis) to walk at least an hour a day and about 6 on weekends. It really kept the weight of.

So anyting is possible - if you are lucky enough to have the time to do it. I suspect DF would have plenty of time and money to do that??

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Lol clearly I am a stroller! Fair play to anyone that takes a route like that to losing weight, I do admire them! Xx
Stephen Fry said that he lost the weight by walking. He would listen to books while walking and walked 5 miles at a time. I'm sure he watched what he ate also.


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such a shame she's put two stone back on :(
Our LL counsellor told us last night that this story about a 2 stone weight gain was being published this week. Apparently LL have been talking to PQ and her counsellor and PQ has actually put on just over half a stone which she attributes to living in hotels and not eating properly while she's on tour with the birds of a feather ladies.


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The photos must've been doctored as they show a bigger gain than half a stone.... still thats the hard part of dieting.... the maintenance but its not like she's done a josie from big brother and yo yo-ing..... the press love to see a celeb put weight back on dont they????
You were right. It was Linda Robson

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