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New CWP starter Kaz62

just started the Cambridge Weight Plan yesterday. All my life I’ve battled with my weight. Many years ago between ages 38-40 I managed to lose 5.5 stone with Weight Watchers. Fast forward to now and all but a stone of that is back on& in between I’ve had periods of losing a couple of stone then gaining it so I guess I’m a typical yo yo dieter!
Whereas in the past my reasons for wanting to lose weight have been to look better in clothes, my reason now is to not be in so much pain as my joints are suffering and at nearly 56 yrs old I feel more like 86 which isn’t good at all😥
Anyhow, I’ve finally decided enough is enough and chose Cambridge as, whilst rather more regimented than SW or WW, the weight loss is hopefully quicker and, as I seem to have an issue with food, feel I needed a break from it altogether for a while. Day 2 and so far so good although I’m not keen on a couple of the products I’ve had so far there are plenty more to try and I’m drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day(&peeing like a racehorse!!!) My problem seems to occur once people start noticing my weight loss . It’s like I get a compliment and then a self destruct switch flicks on in my head so atm I’ve only told my hubby I’m doing this and will have to try and not self destruct as the pounds drop off. Thanks for letting me join😊Xx
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Hi Kaz,

I started on Wednesday, so day 5 now and much easier than I expected.
I've not been hungry at all, I am finding that I get jealous if someone else eats around me though. But knowing that I can't eat any food makes it easier as otherwise I think I would try justify having a nibble.
I like most of the shakes and soup is ok, I hate the porridge though, it's like baby food, so next week I am going to skip those. I have tried 1 of the bars, but I am trying to avoid having them too much as I think it will give me temptation to eat.
I do find the water really helps, I am having around 4 litres a day because I'm quite thirsty most of the day.
My energy started to dwindle day 3/4 and I found myself not wanting to do much, but I woke up this morning feeling like I have come through the other side of that now.

I have my first weigh in tomorrow, 2 days earlier than my full week, but still hoping for quite a big number.
Similar to you, I tend to self destruct with compliments so I am keeping the diet to myself, I also know that some people have a negative opinion on CWP so I don't want that to sway me.

Well done for losing the weight with Weightwatchers in the past, that shows you can do it, as I think Cambridge is easier as it takes the decisions out of the process. I have read that a lot of people move to WW or Slimming World after Cambridge to help them progress onto a healthy diet and maintain the loss.
Good Luck :) xx

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