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New :D

Im hanging in there and sticking to the diet, really hungry today compared to yesterday so drowning myself with water :D
Hi good luck with your diet - I am restarting on Jan 8th - honestly get through the first few days and then you wont know whats hit you I had loads of energy once I went into ketosis I was up bright and early every morning (I'm not normally a morning person) - and I was really motivated - cd quickly became a way of life for me. The hunger pangs stop when you go into ketosis. I find the whole experience of going into ketosis a nightmare - suffer really bad with headache etc but glugging the water is definately the best thing to do. Keep yourself busy - I used to moisturise every time I felt hungry and it is surprising how the hunger soon disappears when you concentrate on something else. Hang in there the good times are not far away!!!
Good luck :) The good thing about CD is that it actually works so all you have to do is stick to it and you get results. I started Sept 09 and have lost 4 and a half stones so far. lol If I can do this anyone can as I had never managed to lose weight before!
Hi Everyone :)

Just saying Hello as i am new to the forum!

Just started yesterday and my 1st weigh in is on Sunday! Im hoping i am going to manage the week, so far so good :)

Hope you all had a lovely xmas :)
Hi hun, welcome to the forum. Glad you're managing to stick to it so far - it really does get easier, I promise, although you may or may not get that rush of energy Tinkerbella was talking about. Sadly, I never have. :sigh:But the sheer rush of pleasure you get from feeling as though you're finally making some progress on the weight loss front is worth having on its own... :D

Best of luck hun - though it doesn't sound like you need that right now - you sound pretty determined!

Let us know how that first weigh in goes, okay?
I am hungry, but thats not what i am not enjoying so much, its the minging taste in my mouth, its horrid! And no gum! Does this go? I was really self conscious in the lift when a neighbour spoke to me!x
I don't know whether it goes or whether you stop noticing it LOL, but it does get better, I promise. Drinking more water helps (if you've got room for even more water, LOL), or I believe you can buy a mouthspray called 'Goldspot' that helps a lot. I've never bothered with that, but if you're desperate...
Is it really no gum? my cambridge counsellor said i could have sugar free gum but it will make me hungry, is she wrong? and will it affect my weight loss? :)
My plan is a little difference since I'm in the USA but I chew sugar free gum when I'm hungry. For whatever reason with me it doesnt make me hungry, rather it takes my mind off being hungry! I dont know if this is the same for anyone else. I think the reason why sugarfree gum is looked down on is because it might make you more hungry and it also usually has <1 carb per stick.

From what I've heard from other threads, its kind of up to your discression however. Best of luck and welcome!
ok thank you, i havent had any yet but might need some when i get back to uni! ive read that your breath can get pretty smelly :p
Hi, welcome to minimins and good luck with your cd journey. It's a great diet and one that definately gives quick and fantastic results. Stick with it as it's well worth the smelly breath lol which by the way will get better after a couple of weeks. If you feel the need to chew sugar free gum I have read on the cd web site that you should chew a few times and then spit it out as apparantly it makes your tummy produce gastric juices which can cause hunger. Personnally it has never made me hungry on the few occasions I have had it but everyone is different. Good luck and well done for starting your journey xx.
I was also wondering if anyone could tell me when your allowed the leek n potato soup? is it later on like the bars? as i wasnt offered it by my CDC! :)
You can have the soups from week 1 but the bars from week 3 as they are slightly higher in carbs they can affect some people entering ketosis xx.
A very big welcome to CD! Looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you through your journey :)

Big Hugs x x x