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new here

hi peeps.
first post not sure what to say or how much i should say. I am struggling with bad eating habbits and have suffered eating problems since I was about 11. I have had various eating disorders,ranging from restricting my intake, to overeating,to binge eating disorder.

I know that I am an emotional eater and a binge eater right now. I use food to cope to get through each day, and the thought of giving that up is terrifing. I do want and need to loose weight and at the mo I am constantly gaining weight. Denying myself food however i know causes mega binges, BUT on the other hand im not going to loose weight unless i "diet". I am just struggling between either tring to let mself eat what I fancy, or focusing on actually loosing weight which i need to do, it feels like a no win situation, as by" dieting" is how i have goten overweight in the first place!

one thing tho i really want to tackle is to stop eating for emotional reasons, but allowing myself the taste of food if I want it. Its a right battle. Anyway I am sure I can have some good discusions on here about it all and that I can relate to others, thanks for reading,
Bexy :eek:
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Hi Bexy,
First of all you are not alone in the eating/binging problem. Most of those on here have done that in one form or another.
It is better to think of the weight loss aspect as eating healthily rather than that horrible word "dieting". You are not entering into a way of life that will mean restrictions of good things but rather a proper way to treat your body with the nutrition that it needs in order for you to keep fit and well.
Emotional eating is a problem all on it's own because we all want and need to be comforted and having solace in food is not the way.
Decide on what you want to do - perhaps calorie counting would be more suitable for you. Then set up a diary so that we know where we can contact you to give you the support and advice that you so well deserve.

Keep posting and all the very best to you...:)


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Welcome :) I just wanted to wish you good luck and also to echo Emmaline's comments (which are spot on).

I don't believe you need a "diet", but rather you need a new approach to food, yourself and your life in general :) My experience was that stopping emotional eating was very difficult - in the end I just accepted that I would have to face being sad and miserable some days. Perhaps you need to make other positive changes in your life? Find a new hobby? Meet new people? etc etc (easier said than done I know).

Regards your "diet", you may want to consider consuming a little less than your daily calorie requirements and engaging in some light exercise a few times a week. It might take a while to shift the weight this way but you won't be hungry and in all likelihood you will be much fitter and (hopefully) happier as life goes on.

Best of luck :)

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