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New member...


On a mission!
Welcome to the forum fellow Shiv!!
You did a very good thing registering here as it's a mine of information and support from like-minded people.
I'm on the Lipotrim plan myself and it's going great thanks to all the support I get on here. This site is my new healthy alternative to snacking!! Wish you the best of luck with Weightwatchers. I used to go a few years ago and it's very helpful & encouraging (then I moved to another town where there's no WW).
Keep up the momentum & you'll get that fab bod you're dreaming of!

x S
Thanks shivie...

That is really encouraging,I've seen this plan that your doing but not sure of what it is.I'll have to have a look into it!
Fingers crossed I can do it this time!I really want to especially before I get to the part of my life when I have to think about marriage/babies etc.
I'll post how I get on at weigh in on Saturday!

Hey Shiv, welcome - i have a diary on here which is ww pro points and you can get some ideas from it - ive lost a stone so far so it proves it works :p.... look out in the 'diaries section' in weight watchers
I've not but my partner is doing the great north run be did it for 5 weeks & lost 1.5 stone he's under 12 stone tho so not a pick on him but he does love bread & chips so quite hard.I bought him the book so my advice would be to get that.drink plenty of water and snack or natural yoghurt if you get sick of meat!
Ahh thanx for that i have the book but seem to struggle finding the foods
i bought fat free yoghurt but it has fruit in so dont think i can have that
on day two and the thought of more meat is scarey although lost 4lb so its working just not sure what i can have x


On a mission!
Hi again fellow Shiv! How is the weight loss plan going for you? What plan did you decide on?

x S
Hello fellow other shivie...

Well I come back from holiday early July and decided to do WW i then actually joined the WW class two weeks ago...I've lost 12lbs so far in 6 weeks!I have 2.12 for dream goal of 10 stone...which plan are you doing?how's things going with you?x


On a mission!
Well done on the 12lbs Shiv! That's a major loss, you must be thrilled with yourself!
I'm aiming to be just over 10 stone, hopefully, by 20th October this year as I'm to be a bridesmaid. But I'd be more than happy with whatever I can achieve by then. It's not a race after all!!
The support and advice you get on this forum is fantastic...a great boost to the confidence and conviction that you CAN do this!
Chat soon hun x

Yeah its a good start don't feel very different tho yet been working very hard at the gym especially this week so will hopefully show Saturday...I think I'm really guna try this Wendy plan next week cus after I use my weeklies in weigh in day I go up on the scales should try spreading them out.x

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