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New mobile phone help...

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
...given that I now need to use a pencil to use the 2 key (a real pain when trying to use the abc keys when texting!) I think it's time I got a new phone...

I'm not a great fan of the mobile phone shops - they just annoy me, apologies to anyone who works in one, so instead I'd like to get as much impartial info as possible and then just buy one straight away without someone telling me 'for this, I can that extra, blah blah blah', so, help please peeps...

I'm not looking for an iPhone, but would like to be able to text, call, and access F/B, Twitter, emails easily - I've looked at the HTC range and they seem to have pretty good reviews but would welcome any other suggestions..

Thanks xxx
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I just got the HTC Desire HD and it is really easy to use and can do all the things you want so would recommend HTC, carphone warehouse did the best deal for me. It is the best phone I have ever had.


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If you want to watch films then the high def desire is good. If like me you won't be watching anything, then go for the HTC desire as it's slighty smaller than the HD version and still does everything the HD version does...just not in high def. :)
Hi, I have been using the HTC wildfire for about 6 months and I really like it. It's perfect for fb etc. And I'm always on the minimins app! Highly recommend it x

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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Thank you all for your responses!

How much MB do you use each month? Some of the deals are for either 250 or 500 and I'm not sure which would be best, the 500 I guess, although I'd only be using it to check FB etc. and not for films. The HTC is def looking like the one...
I've just got the HTC Wildfire and I love it! It's available on the 3 network, 500 mins, 5000 texts, 1GB of internet for £20 a month but I think the offer is closing soon.

My sister gets 500MB of internet, she goes on FB everyday on it and browses a few webpages and she barely hits the maximum if that helps.


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I've got the Wildfire too and am liking it now I've got used to it. I got my contract with Tesco (O2) and think I'm on 750 mins, unlimited txts and the usual internet. On my deal I pd £50 for the phone and now £20 a month - only a years contract too which is ace.

I try to stick with O2 as never have a reception problem. My dh is with T-mobile and has to go upstairs to answer his (either that or hes having an affair!)
I got my HTC Wildfire through T-Mobile and I was a little worried about coverage as I've only ever had o2 before, but I have to say I haven't had any probs yet. Also, if there was to be a reception problem I believe the mob will just temporarily switch to Orange as the two providers are connected now. I pay £20 per month for 300 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet, and thats for 24 months. The phone was free. I've yet to get anywhere near using all my allowances and I'm on the thing all the time lol!!!


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If you're just using it for Fb etc you'll be fine - its downloading films and stuff that mounts it up
Thanks all, I think the HTC Wildfire may have it x
Thanks all! Went and got myself the HTC Wildfire (well actually, my lovely OH got it for me) this afternoon, so now it's charging and I'll be reading the booklet with a glass of wine later! Am going to try and find the Minimins app as soon as poss and then send my first post from it! xx
Congrats on your new mob hunni, hope u have as much fun with it as I do lol! Hubbys always moaning I'm on minimins all the time...apparently I fell asleep in bed last nite wiv the mob in my hand lol!
I love it, and the minimins app is GREAT! I got it from the 'market' app...there are loads of free apps on there :)

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You'll love it, have a look for libra in the app market, its a weight loss tracker.
frugal fifer said:
You'll love it, have a look for libra in the app market, its a weight loss tracker.
Ooooh...I'm gona look for that now thanks! Xx

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