Help with internet


biker babe!
Hi guys. I can only access the internet from work at the moment as we dont have a landline at home. However im in the process of getting connected. Ive ordered my BT phone line and i was going to go with BT Broadband unless anyone else knows of something better. Ill only use it for about 3 hours a day and dont want to download a lot (just do lots of Ebaying!) and I dont want to pay too much. BT Option 1 is about £17.99 a month and doesnt seem too bad.....
has anyone got any suggestions or tips? im new to this whole 'setting up the internet' malarky!

Anyway, any help or advice will be gratefully recieved.

Keelie xxxx
sorry, ive just come accross another similar thread.....i think the general feeling is that BT is quite good. but will 2 MB be enough?
Dunno about pc stuff, Miss Bin but just wanted to say how lovely it is to see you back here!!
Merry Christmas, darling!!!!!