new morrisons mag jan/feb


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there are some lovely recipes in in this book esp 1 which is crunchy cauliflower and cheese bites
  1. half a cauliflower
  2. 125ml water
  3. 50g butter
  4. 1tsp wholegrain mustard
  5. 75g plain flour
  6. 2 eggs
  7. 50g cheese
  8. 4 spring onions
  9. and oil for frying
just wondering if i could adapt this to a sw recipp sounds lovely esp with a nice salad and sw chips or both:)
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You're better posting a question like this in the recipe sub-forum but the short answer is yes you can adapt just about any recipe. Frylight instead of oil, syn the mustard and flour, HEA the cheese. Depending on what you use the butter for you could syn it or swap for a low syn alternative.


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Is the flour used to make a sauce, or are these supposed to be crunchy? Difficult to tell, sounds like these could be fritters.

If the flour is for a sauce, you could substitute it with corn flour which would mean you could use much less and really reduce the syns.

As circes has said, you could post this in the recipes section and give a bit more info re the method and we can try and see what would work. Does sound nice! :)


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Love morrisons we have a new one, bargains