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New Starter - Help and Advice Required


The old me is coming back
Hi There,

I am brand new to this forum so I will start by introducing myself.

I am Laura, 27 years of age and living in Dublin, Ireland and here is my story –

I was always a fat kid and teenager, lost some weight in my late teens and early 20’s – stayed at around 10 stone, occasionally going bigger, sometimes smaller!

In the last 2.5 years I have piled on the weight – met my bloke, matched him portion for portion, got depressed by this and kept eating. We got engaged and set a date for September 23rd 2007. Went on Lipotrim last year, got down to 10.7 stone, ordered my dress and the ditched Lipotrim. Ate and Ate, then it was Xmas and I ate and ate even more. In January this year I hit my pre Lipotrim weight again, 3 months after finishing. Started and stopped numerous times, got depressed from the weight so ate more etc et you guys get the picture.

So here I am – 3 months to the wedding and back at 13.13 again. I have to get back down to 10.7 or less for my wedding. I have a dress fitting in 2 weeks, last time I saw the dress I was 3 stone lighter – what the hell am I going to do?

Girls, I went to a Cambridge lady last night, got the supply and am starting today.I have failed at re-starting Lipotrim, maybe a change of product is what I need.

I am going to need all the support I can get. I am 5’5” and 13.13 stone, anyone else with the same starting stats give me some idea of what to expect? I am so sick and disgusted with myself for doing this so close to the wedding I really really am.

Thanks for listening
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Hi Mitten,
Firstly don't beat yourself up. the past can't be undone.

Your dress can be altered at the last minute.

I have my first weigh intonight and am a similar height to you... I have been told a stone a month is very reasonable, but many on here lose a lot the first month so you could easily drop your excess if you stick to the plan 100%.

I'm sure someone more experienced will come along and give you some'proper' advice, but just start, give it 100% and you will be losing in no time!

Good luck.....
Hi Laura

Welcome to Minimins and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

If you need to lose 3 stone in under 3 months you are going to have to be very very strict with yourself. This forum will give you all the support you need. Just stick to the packs and drink as much water as you can manage and you will get there.

You are not the first person to put the weight back on and Im sure you wont be the last. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Just focus on your goal. You want to look stunning in your wedding dress and you will if you stick to the diet with absolutely no cheating.

Good luck Laura



The old me is coming back
Thanks so much guys - it's great to have others in the same boat as me and to really understand. I think everyone else just can't believe that i would let myself get into this state with the wedding so soon. And it's abroad as well - so loads of bikini and skimpy clothes expected in the days before hand!

Can i have Coke/Sprite Zero on this diet?

I took my measurements last night and :( was all i can say!

So, how are you guys getting on today? What are your stories?
Hi Mitten

I am also starting CD today, and weigh a similar amount to you. I'm getting married December next year, so would love to lose 3 stone before I go wedding dress shopping. I have a friends wedding in August, so definately want to lose a big amount of weight, to be able to fit into the dress I have bought. We can be diet buddies if you like. Do you have MSN messenger?

P.s My CDC took measurements today, and it was not pleasant :(


The old me is coming back
Hi December 2008 – would love to be diet buddies. Are you on Sole Source as well? I don’t have MSN as I am at work and it’s not allowed L

You are right to start loosing the weight now for the wedding – that’s what I did but strupidly put it back on….oh well. Have to put all that in the past and move on – onwards and downwards!!

What have you had so far today?
Do you have MSN at home?

Yes, I am on SS. I've just had my first shake. I made a chocolate one in the blender with hot water. It was frothy, and was actually really nice :)

Which one have you had?


The old me is coming back
Hi Carol,

I hav never tried to get MSN at home, but will investigate it later on!

I had a cappuccino shake for brekkie (yummy!) and the tetra pack for lunch – also quite nice, I am going to try a veg soup for dinner, what are they like? The cravings are at me at the moment so guzzling the water. Might have a coke zero at home as a “treat”. Roll on bloody ketosis!

How long did you do SS before for? What are you hoping to achieve?

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