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New to CD

Hi wasnt sure how to go about this but thought i would give it atry. I have been on cambridge ss since monday and am really just looking to talk to people who understand about it, have been reading the posts for a while and have posted a few times but find a get no reply. Im not sure if im doing it right well thats it really hope to hear from u soon thanx in advance
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MUST get a grip
Hi thanx for that i must say i have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all this week could u tell me if it gets any easier i could really do with some good news :)
Yes - much easier, as long as you accept what you are doing and look at the time as the shortest period of the change in yourself you will sail through... The more you resent doing it the more difficult it is to accept what you're doing...

So, deep breath and good luck xxx
Hi midsgirl and welcome look forward to hearing of your sucess on CD
best of luck:D

Hi and welcome midsgirl, I'm quite new to this too, am starting SS on Monday, have had my meeting with my CDC yesterday and am all set to go......am quite apprehensive but keen to get going, did LL 3 yrs ago so know what to expect(GULP!!)....good luck and hope its going well....Love Izzyxx


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Welcome Midsgirl! You will find that the support you get from the wonderful people on this site, all of whom understand what you are going through, will be second to none! If you're down, they will commiserate and support you. If you're doing well, they will celebrate with you and show genuine pleasure for you. I couldn't do it without them! I am now half way through Week 5 - and I haven't felt so good in years! I didn't even find the first few days too difficult - if you are really positive about what you are doing, keep the reasons why you want to lose the weight firmly in your mind, you'll get there - and much quicker than you could ever imagine.
Hi midsgirl and welcome. I have just started week 3 and I am finding it sooo much easier than in the beginning. Week 2 was definitely easier than week 1. Stick with it 100%, the results are amazing, and they will spur you on to go another week. Having said that, it is a tough diet, but my reckoning is that if I stick to it 100% it wont be long going by. Its mad to think that I could be at a normal weight in a very short space of time!

Best of luck... we are here for you whenever you want. Dying to hear how you get on next Monday at weigh in!


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Hi Midsgirl!

I started cd yesterday - and this is my 2nd time doing the diet and I found the first time was really tough for the first week, then it got easier and easier. This time, I'm on Day 2 and I feel so much better than I did last time because I've accepted that the first few days are hard, but the rewards are amazing - so it's worth it.. I shrugged off the slight dizzyness and before I knew it, it was gone.

Good luck..

ps.. are you feeling excited about the diet? it's the journey to a whole new you!!
Hi midsgirl you've come to the right place! I've been on CD SS for 2 weeks (this Sunday) and I don't think I'd have even got this far if it wasn't for these guys.
If you feel like you're going to crack just pop a quick message on here and you'd be suprised how quickly you'll be pulled back to thinking the CD way!
It does get easier, if you can get through the first 5 days then everything should fall into place. When you get into week three things seems to get easier as you've got into a routine which really helps and it becomes second nature

I found cutting out carbs on my prep week helped as I got past the headachey stage that week and had none on my first few days of SS.

Good luck on your journey, and have fun with it!
Hi everyone woke up this morning with a clearer head and and am feeling alot more positive about everything. I thought i know i can do this!!! then logged on here and saw all your replys and this has made me feel even better so thanx for all your support and good luck to everyone :) :)
Good luck and welcome to the world of CD. I'm coming to the end of week 5 there have been tough days but if you stay positive, keep your mind focussed it helps you through. The support on here is second to none. Just yell if you need any help, there's always someone to point you in the right direction.

Don't forget to keep us updated on your weight loss.

Take care x