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new to club

100+ pounds.. 4 days in, 9 pounds lost. 30 pounds by christmas..

thats what i want to do ladies ( and gents).

I lost weight last year with ll got preganat... yippee and had my baby girl 20th august. Have regained most of the weight lost. :-( But I did this to myself.. I have to undo it....

I have had good days and bad these last 4 .... i will prevail....
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Welcome to the wemitts Monica!!

A belated congratulations on the birth of your daughter and well done on 9lb lost so far :)

Looking forward to sharing your journey with you! If there's anything you need to know or if you just want a rant ... or a pat on the back for a milestone achieved then just shout - you'll never find a more supportive and friendly bunch!
Well done on your weight loss and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your baby :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You can do this you've done it before and you did have a baby so thats a good reason to gain the weight you lost :eek:
Just forget you've regained it and just think of this as a fresh start.........Christmas 49 days hey you'll look that fab person vv soon ;)
I have 3 girls my youngest is 22 months so I know how busy you are xx
Im on day 40 of LL are you doing LL again this time?


Loves VLCD's !
You sound very motivated even though your first few days have been mixed. Congrats on having your baby and good luck with your weigh loss. There's always plenty of support here !


Staff member
Hi Monica,

Congratulations on your new baby girl that is fantastic.

Also well done on your 9lb. weight loss...that does give good motivation for the week ahead.

Love Mini xxx
thanks for all your well wishes everybody...

I am really gonna need some help to lose this fat that is superglued to all parts of my body! EWWWW...

FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT. Its an ugly word.

I am going to looka t what i want to do tonight and come back with a lsit of specific goals to help me on my journey.

on a lighter note. My little girl is soooo beautiful! We had our first in 2001 and tried and tried but didn't get pregnant... diagnosed with PCOS ( even harder to get the weight down!), and forgot all about another baby......after losing 5 stone on LL i found myself unexpectadly preggers!!

It was such a wonderful joy and surprise that i just blewthe diet off.. I knew I couldn't contnue it beign pregnant... I should have tried the maintenance plan or something......

I completed my 100 days... and wen tstraight back onto food. It wasn't long before I realised that I had no control again. I think that if I had done the diet and conitnued to make my plans post diet i woudl still have the weight off today...

I am not goign to lose sight of things this time around!
New to forum and club. 160lbs to loose. on TFR on Lipotrim. 4 days in last night was hard. But am very motivated. Hoping to loose 30lbs by Christmas. Can someone tell me where to put my ticker so it works?



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New to forum and club. 160lbs to loose. on TFR on Lipotrim. 4 days in last night was hard. But am very motivated. Hoping to loose 30lbs by Christmas. Can someone tell me where to put my ticker so it works?


Hi Betty,

Welcome to the WeMITTS:)

For your ticker to work on this site go back and copy and paste the bb code you will see it when you have your ticker finished.

You bring it back here and click on User CP and then click on edit signature and then paste the bb code into the reply post box.

If you click preview post you will see if your ticker is there, then click save and you have your ticker in your signature.

if you have any problems get back to me please.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx


I STILL mean it!
A very warm welcome to the WeMitts bettyboo and monica.
You have found the best place in the world to help you on your journey to slimland. We all understand how you feel, and how you are going to feel. You can share ANYTHING on here - there is always someone to listen, and give support.
Ann xxx
Hi Betty
Welcome to the boards!! Jump in and post whatever you want: you'll soon feel right at home amongst friends!

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