new to primal - what was your initial weight loss like?

Discussion in 'Paleo / Primal Diet' started by Trayjkay, 23 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Trayjkay

    Trayjkay Member

    I have been following the primal diet (Dr John Briffa Escape the diet trap version) for a week now. Whilst on holiday I might add, bread appears at every meal here in portugal, but I havent touched a crumb of it! Done lots of activity including a 15 mike bike ride, 1km swim, 3 weights session's, 2 x 3 mile hilly walks so am hoping when I weigh back ome I have lost lbs or at least inches.

    How was weight loss at first for everyone?? Fast? slow? Also if you hit plateaus what got you losing again? I am 46 yr old female weighing 200lb and 5ft 8 inch medium build, fairly fit and active but carry weight on my middle so determined tha by giving up all those items I am intolerant to I may lose weight this time!!!
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  3. Trayjkay

    Trayjkay Member

    Well first weigh in after a week is 6lb lost, which is great, mostly water I know after giving up carbs but really enjoying the diet. Right!! out of bed and off to the gym I go, got some bodypumping to do!!

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  4. Trayjkay

    Trayjkay Member

    Another 3 lb off now thats 9lb now!

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  5. Trayjkay

    Trayjkay Member

    Now up to 13lb loss in under 4 weeks yippeeeeeeee

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  6. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Primal eating
    Wonderful news !
  7. Whole Lotta Rosie

    Whole Lotta Rosie Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    That's brilliant!!! Keep going. You're starting stats are similar to mine ?
  8. kirstyb393

    kirstyb393 Full Member

    Fantastic- what is your daily menu like
  9. Rexy99

    Rexy99 Member

    I lost 7 Ibs in the first week and to be honest I stopped weighing myself after that. I just know my clothes feel a bit loose and a couple of people have commented, whihc is great as that spurs you on. I haven't had chance to do as much exercise though in the last few weeks so not sure if that will make a difference. I feel like I'm not craving biscuits etc as much now too.
  10. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member

    Sounds like you have had a great start, well done x

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