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new to slimming worl..hello

hi,I joined a class on thurs and have done ok I think,though admit to being quite confused.I am stuck for ideas for family meals,nothing fancy just everyday tea time foods.I have thought of spag bol and shepherds pie..any more ideas to help me stick at this and lose the 3 stone I need to would be wonderful.
hello to everyone by the way..amanda
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Really there is nothing you can't make. What would you normally cook for the family? Just adapt it to make it free/low Syn.

Welcome to the forum and good luck on SW x
Hi Amanda...

How about RED:

* Chicken wrapped in bacon with salad or veg
* Chicken (or other meat) skewers with peppers / mushrooms etc
* Stirfry with chilli beef


* Pasta, quorn and veg
* Vegetable lasagna
* Veggi soup
* Potato wedges, egg and beans


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Welcome! I have scrambled egg a lot, had cheesey scrambled egg (cheese as my HE) with steamed salmon fillets and soy sauce, yum yum.Or have jacket spud with beans, or as Lou said the chicken wrapped in bacon is a definite bonus. Or you could have syn free sausages, bacon, beans, egg, mushrooms. Look through some of the recipe threads on here thers nothing you wont find xxx
thanks, this makes me sound thick! I think the problem is our main meals would generally be centred around meat of some sort( casserole, shepherds pie,curry.bolognaise sort of things) but during the day and between meals I wouldnt snack on meat.so maybe green would suit best for me but how do I adapt this for family meals..I am guessing I would have to weigh and portion the meat put into dishes to fit in with my healthy extras?

oh now I am even more confused....grrr! I have done ww so many times and understand it ,and need to d something new so desperately want to get my head round this...


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Welcome and good luck, i make meatballs in tomato sauce and think it's lovely, all the family can have it too.
Lean Mince
Carton of passata (sieved tomatoes)
or any veg you prefer.
Pour passata into a pan add every thing except mince and simmer whilst making meatballs.
Form mince into balls and add to tomato sauce, cover and cook for about 25 mins.
Sometimes i add seasoning e.g. Season all or barbacue seasoning for a bit of a change.
I serve it with carrots, green beans and cauli.
Hope this helps. xxx Loobylou
Ohh sounds lovely loobylou (great name by the way ;-)

Talking of meatballs, I tried the quorn meatballs with pasta in a tomato sauce the other day. They were gorgeous, just can't remember where I bought them from now though, think it was possibly Sainsburys?? x


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Hi Amanda

I just joined this site today too. I have 2 young children and love that the meals I eat on this plan are all fresh so they're suitable for them too. Have you looked at the sticky at the top of this forum with all the recipes and meal ideas? Also, if you've joined a group, log on to Lifeline Online using the weekly password and there are lots of recipes there, the Slimming World magazine too. Good luck!

Kelly x


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All my days are green as a vegetarian.
Asda have their own meatballs - must check out syn value? Their own beef style chunks are free as well as the vegetarian mince.
Green ideas:
JP with beans and cheese as a He A
Quorn sauasage, JP and beans - Free
Spag Bol/Chilli/Curry/Quorn Moussaka made with quorn mince/Asdas own vegemince - Free
2 fried eggs, SW chips and mushy peas - Free
Hope these ideas help.
Any questions just ask.
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batchelors bean feasts are always good the bolognese style one is lovelyyyyyyy


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Hi Guys, has anyone tried these on a green day:
Heinz Mean Beanz/Beans, Mexican Style, canned 390g can

Original 13½ Syns
Green Free
Tried them on Sunday and they were gorrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous.
Had them with syn-free chips and egg. Mmmmmm
xxx Loobylou
Hello and welcome ive got 2 words for you


Ruthy xxx


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Have you tried Quorn? It makes great meat replacement so you can still have your meat dishes on a green day. Also you can Mix2Max so you can have a green lunch and a red dinner
hi and thanks.I have spent an hour or so reading and printin loads of recipes,now have a clearer idea of what I am meant to do and feel more positive that I can actually do it...fantastic site,and thanks again


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Have you registered for lifeline online? It's got some great stuff on there, you get the weekly password from your consultant at your WI

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