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New to slimming world

Hi all, I have been following the slimming world diet for three weeks now! Joined my local group. So far have lost five and a half pounds. I am lucky I don't have a huge amount to loose, but I do have a huge appetite, I love food all food. Tried ww but always felt hungry, I am doing this to help loose and weight and to eat more healthy.

Food I have eaten today

Breakfast two fried eggs in fry light and baked beans
Lunch super low fat chilli noodles and beetroot followed by a banana
Tea Slimming world recipe for mince beef hash with potato
Snack muller light yogurt

I am usually fine during the week but weekends are always a problem love to relax with a takeaway and beer and wine, but have been trying to cut down. Any motivation tips to help me stay on track would be greatly appreciated. This is a great site.
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Welcome I have problems on the weekend too it's the relaxing time with takeaway and a beer after a busy and stressful week.

Good luck


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hey welcome to SW and hope you find it good!!

everyone has their "problem times" mines in the evening, i just want to pick for the sake of it!! the best thing to do is either limit how much wine/beer is availible, so say just have 1 bottle/glass worth in the fridge, so you'll be less likely to have more, or i've found it helps to write the syn values of things in marker pen on the things themselves, so when you go to get it, you're more put off because it makes you think about how many syns you're having that day!!

for takeaways,...there are some great SW versions of them! i know that it involves more effort because it has to be cooked and stuff, but its worth it in the longrun!! or if you look in the food optimising book, it has a list of the syn values of some takeaway foods, so if you do have one, you can find something lower-synned!

hope it helps! and good luck!! x
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Hi, there! :D
I find when I'm at work to be my most difficult time. I work in a residential home for the elderly and there's always loads of yummy food around: biscuits, home-made cakes, leftover chips etc, so it's really hard to keep focused and not nibble!
Fruit is my saviour at the moment, that and Mullerlight yogurts; I swear if I eat any more apples I am going to turn into one! ;)
Morning, writing the sin value on bottles sounds a good idea, aim going to try that least I will know what sins I'm having and can plan to save that amount. I also work evenings in a care home, only just started and haven't had any of the biscuits cakes offered to mr, thought to myself start as you mean to go on lol. Todayi am going to a indoor play thing with my kids I am going to have a jp with beans there for lunch. Tomorrow I am going to the cinema anyone have any idea of any free snacks I can take with me? Hope everyone has a great day!


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Why not take a small bag of grapes? Or just a small portion of something sweet and synned? X

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