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New to slimming world

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Lanie, 31 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lanie

    Lanie New Member

    Hey you all, I stared my slimming world journey about a month ago and so far lost just over a stone.
    All the success stories I've come across are very inspiring and I hope I can stick with it and reach my goals. There is one thing that irritates me a bit - not sure irritates is the right word but it confuses me a bit. I've seen in the past on myself and others that losing weight losing lots of weight normally leaves you with loose sagging extra skin....and even after just a stone and I did lose 10 kg before joining slimming world I can see it again.
    All success stories slimming world posts the people look perfect no loose skin nothing. Now I was wondering if there are any of you on here that know what I'm talking about and had he same experiences and know some tricks to prevent this from getting worse or some people that lost about 6 stone and say loose sagging skin what's that?
    i think I just need some reassurance or support as if now if I see certain body parts in the mirror I think I look worse than before and don't want my boyfriend to see me like that.

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  3. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Hi there.
    Welcome to SW & this forum.
    If you look through the posts, some people have posted pictures of their loose skin. Some people appear to not have a lot of loose skin, others have lots, I think it depends on your age (the younger the better as the skin will spring back) exercise, general fitness etc.
    i was lucky as i'm 67, unfit & lost 7 stone & the only loose skin is a small amount around my waist.
  4. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    As Pete says it depends upon so many factors. Not least genetics and skin elasticity. I've lost 5st and have some loose skin around my tummy but that's also baby related and not just weightloss. I also have some mild bingo-winginess going on but nothing I couldn't tone if I was dedicated enough. I may well choose to deal with it in time but for now I'm content to get to a healthy weight and THEN when I'm maintaining I might turn my attention to that. Most photos on here, my own included are, understandably fully clothed and so hide a multitude of legacy sins. Even people who have never lost weight have their body hang ups and don't wear clothing that exposes them. I see mine as battle scars. Hence the fact I'm not bothered about them right now :)

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