New to Slimming World

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Matt and this is my first day on Slimming World :) (I'm sure I must have done something wrong, I'm so full!)

I was previously on Lighter Life, I just fell inside the 30 bmi limit for joining and thought it would be the best way to get the weight off quickly, and well, it worked, I lost 10 lbs in just 2 weeks! Depsite this, LL just wasn't for me, I was finding it difficult and left the program earlier this week due to medical concerns.

I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks with SW, not just for the weight loss, but also for the all the yummy looking recipes I'll get to cook! :D

I'm doing SW from home using BodyOptimise, so I hope I can rely on you ladies and gents to be my "group" and help me understand the ins and outs of food optimising! ;)
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Yayyyyyyyyyy... welcome Matt

Yes we will be your groupies... :8855:... ok I am not really like that hahahaha.... ask us anything and we will do our best to help....

A really friendly bunch of people here.. so pull up a chair and tell us your stories.....

*sits cross legged on the floor waiting for story time*


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Hey Matt
I only started yesterday so we can be newbies together :) x


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welcome and good luck - just to let you know you can have fab losses with SW like with LL, I lost 8 pound last week!! xxx


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Well done Rainbow.. wow great work....Oh Matt they are starting a new weigh in group if you look at the treads..... I am in the SW Angels and not sure they are taking anymore on.. but it is great for keeping you motivated.


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Welcome Matt and Karra, you will get great advice and tips from everyone here to help you on your weight loss journey, and go you to Rainbow you must be over the moon. xxx Loobylou


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:welcome: to the forum! I was on CD last year and found it made me feel ill and the losses were no better than I have had on SW. I really recommend the recipe sticky at the top of the page. There are loads of great recipes to keep you interested.

Good luck!
Thank you all for such a warm welcome :)

Treats, probably a silly question, but what's a weigh in group?


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hiya and welcome!!!!
what Treat means by a weigh in group is we like to start teams and give ourselves a little challenge of losing say half a stone a month and every week we post our losses/gains on that groups thread and see how we go lol!
i was until recently captain of the **SW ANGELS** but due to problems with my 3 special needs kids, not being able to pass my driving test and being totally brain dead lol i have passed it over to Mrs Edz. i still log all my gains! and little losses lol cos daft as it sounds it does actually help keep me on track (summats got to!!!)
hope my explanation helps
sorry if i wafflin son made me get up at 5.30am! he gone to Brum for Good Food Exhibition