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I think you need to have a certain amount of posts before you can use certain features here I think there is a thread on it ill try and find it for you


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S: 18st3lb C: 16st8.5lb G: 11st3lb Loss: 1st8.5lb(8.82%)
Welcome irishvirgo and Birgitt H:welcome2:

:sign0144:When you are a newbie

You are in a group which has no avatar, limited signature space, no Private messaging other members, no sending email to other members and you cannot upload images to your profile albums or Gallary.

Members can post weight loss ticker link into your signature on joining.

Here is a link with step by step instructions to show you how to do it... (How to setup a weight loss ticker on

You need the bb code here for ticker and graphics to work.

When you reach 20 posts you get avatar privileges and a larger signature space.

When you reach 50 posts, you get even more signature space, and private messaging and emailing is enabled.

You need 50 posts for your profile page and your profile albums, this also gives you access to members profile and their public albums. To view private profile albums you have to be-friend, either by sending an invite or requesting to be a friend. You need 50 posts to access the main photo Gallery and upload photos to it.

You also need 50 posts to post links. You may not post links to personal business sites or personal websites with advertising or websites that are in competition with MiniMins.

I hope you understand the privileges that you will receive for being a long term poster.

If you need any help please ask:)

Here is the link to the SW forums where you will get loads of support, recipes and ideas!

Slimming World - - Weight Loss Support Forum



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Welcome Irishvirgo and Birgitt h :) Come over to the slimmingworld section you will find loads of recipes and ideas:).Well done on your loss so far that's great.


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Hi IrishVirgo and Brigitt H! Just started SW myself a few weeks back. Really enjoying it! 17.5lbs in 7 weeks is fantastic well done! Whats your secret?!


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New start !!!

Hi all I've just found this site while playing on my iPhone looking for the slimming world app. So I think that was bonus. Any way looking to start the harcombe diet which is a low carb diet. Lost 3 stones two years ago lost my way a bit but maintained but now want to put my weight issue to bed so to speak!!!


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I'm new to this and Slimming world. 17 1/2 lbs is amazing :) any chance you could post a few of your food diaries to inspire the rest of us :) well done you :) xx